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    I sourced a DG3804B movement from ebay in the hopes of building a GMT watch. The movement came with a larger date wheel and the date font goes out of date window in the dial so only partially visible.

    I have a previously broken DG2813 movement, and I can salvage the date wheel from there. But I am terribly anxious of opening a perfectly good DG3804 to replace the wheel. I couldn't find any good guides on this either on google or youtube. There are 2 pathways in front of me:
    1. Be brave...leap and the floor will appear - In that, just start unscrewing the front and do the datewheel exchange hoping it will all turn out fine
    2. Be cheap - Print a new date wheel using a laser printer on a sticker paper, and stick it on top of the existing date wheel.

    Anyone have a better option or encouraging words?
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    Re: DG3804B - Changing Date Wheel help?

    Ok, I took the brave route. Now I have a new questions as I messed up something.

    To recap: I got the movement from ebay, but unfortunately it came with a bigger than usual date wheel. I looked at your photos to take out the GMT wheel, front cover and was successfully able to replace the date wheel with a spare wheel that came with a broken DG2813. It turns successfully.

    Latest Issue: However, now all I can do is wind the watch and change the date. When the stem is pulled in time setting position, it just turns, but doesn't turn the hand pinions. It also doesn't change the date in the hand setting position.

    Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

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