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    Dial for ETA / Peseux 7001

    I would like some help in finding a dial for ETA / Peseux 7001 for a 37mm case.

    I would like to build my own watch but it's much harder than I tough to find parts, the watch market is very closed, I'm used to buying computer parts and building my own PC for example and it's easy to find parts.

    I already found a case: german-watch-shop.com/310/case-steel-/-polished-/-37mm-/-eta-7001 this is the only one I found!
    and there's some movements available on different places, the hands I think I can get blued ones available for other movements, I hope!

    I'm thinking in making some similar to a Nomos Tangente, even tough the case I found is different already.

    I couldn't find a dial for it, I looked all over, including on different languages and couldn't find anything.
    I even tough of buying a Nomos Chinese replica and just replace the movement if the ETA 7001 fits, or cannibalize it's hands and dial. I think the Chinese replica uses the DG1800 movement.
    Here eoniq.co/t/watch also they sell a bauhaus style model that maybe I could use to insert the ETA 7001, but again, I don't know if it would fit. Maybe if not the 7001 another hand wind movement. The problem with this one is that it seems to not be available with glass caseback which for me is a must.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Dial for ETA / Peseux 7001

    Hi komezippiex,
    I am starting a same ETA 7001 project as you did! Ran into same problems as you did, and here I am. How did yours go? what was the process like and the end product if you'd like to share?
    Thank you.

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