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    Wink French Natl School of Horology - Watch beats

    Hi !

    You may be interested by this recent post elsewhere on wus, that I am pleased to complete here.

    If you a the chance to pass through Cluses, France, located midway between Geneva and Chamonix-Mont Blanc on the route to your favorite your ski resort place santasmile, do not miss to pay a visit to the Cluses's Watchmaking Museum.

    The Museum has amazing collection of clocks, study escapments and watchmaking machines due to the location in Cluses of the National School of Horology, formaly the Royal School of Horology

    (here a study Breguet tourbillon escapment)

    The last section of wachmakers were diplomed in 1988 and nowadays the school in specialized in the education of technicians in micromechanics (ca 1400 students...). Most of the French masters (as Mr. Dodane for instance - Dodane watches are on sale on this forum) where graduated from that school. The former "Royal" is due to the foundator : the King Charles-Albert of Sardinia in 1848 at a late time when Savoy was still independent (Savoy joined France after a massive referundum in 1860).

    (the Cluses's School in the 50's)

    (nowaday a large high school for micromechanics)

    (vintage treatises of wachmaking from Cluses)

    Happy New Year 2007!

    Jean-Marc - From what we get we make a living. From what we give we make a life.

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    Re: French Natl School of Horology - Watch beats

    Fantastic pictures and news it is on my list for a visit one day -Thanks for the post! People located in Europe are very lucky to have such treasures so close - take advantage of it.

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