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Thread: Open source timing software.

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    Re: Open source timing software.

    It worked! Thank you for the help.
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    Re: Open source timing software.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reewoss View Post
    Hi guys,
    Anyone know what happend with download links on project's page? I used this program some time ago to regulate my 7s26 and it's doing great gaining +3 seconds per day on avarage. Now I wanted to download and use it for my next project and all links disappeared.
    Thanks a lot for letting me know: I accidentally deleted the files! Admittedly, I got a bit scared when I saw that all links were indeed missing. Fortunately, after reviewing my logs, it turned out that it was simply my fault for inadvertently deleting the wrong folder. Now they should back online...
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    Re: Open source timing software.

    Quote Originally Posted by contrate_wheel View Post
    Thanks a lot for letting me know...

    Thanks a lot to you for this extremely useful, well thought out and made software!
    I have one question: I would like to reduce the threshold used to set the time mark in the main tick for calculating the amplitude. I use a normal microphone which works well due to your superb filtering. However, there is always some echo in the signal, and therefore the time mark is set always too late resulting in a false (small) amplitude calculation.
    I found in "algo.c" a "compute_amplitude" proc with the line
    double threshold = fmax(.01 * glob_max, 1.4 * max);

    Are these the factors setting the threshold amplitude relative to max? Can you please advise me on the correct factor to play with?
    Thanks again

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