pocket watch cases, what movements

Thread: pocket watch cases, what movements

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    pocket watch cases, what movements

    I bought a box full of pocket watch cases at an auction. Can I just measure the inside of the watch under the bezel to find out what size the case is and then buy any brand pocket watch movement of the same size off of Ebay and put that movement in the case?

    I don't know this question might be way off base.

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    Re: pocket watch cases, what movements

    You are correct in theory. But the practical needs to be understood and over the internet I can only provide an idea of what to look for. Where you measure and what you measure is the key. Movements are measured on the dial side or mainplate in diameter, edge to edge through the center with no dial. Typically pocket watch cases have a recess (counter bore or ledge) that the mainplate would sit on/in. This would be the diameter of the case to measure. Then you could compare that measurement with a movement. Height of the movement is also an issue that needs to be considered. A book for you to look through would be Cooksey Shugart "Price guide to watches". There is a lot of very good information in there that may help you better understand what you are looking for. And of course consult you local certified or qualified by word of mouth watchmaker. Feel free to ask follow on questions.

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