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    Regulating a Vintage LeCoultre

    I've only recently begun trying my hand at small watchmaking tasks, and next I would like to regulate my vintage LeCoultre Automatic HPG Master Mariner that has been running about 16 seconds slow per day. I've tried to read guides online, but they always mention two plates - a "regulator" and a "stud". However, my watch only has one plate with a screw (both labelled in my photo). Both of these have + and - indicators. Could anyone advise me on which to manipulate?
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    Re: Regulating a Vintage LeCoultre

    It's an expensive movement to regulate just because it is off by 16 seconds ! It is too risky to be a minor watchmaking task imho.
    One moment that you don't pay attention and the screwdriver would mess up the hairspring. Then, prepare your wallet.
    If you want to read more about this regulator, google "Triovis regulator".
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    Re: Regulating a Vintage LeCoultre

    I hate to say it since I'm all for people learning to work on their own watches, but if you're not sure about the difference in those screws it's not a good idea to try it.
    Practice on something cheap and running off of eBay or from a flea market until you never slip and until you understand what you're looking at.
    Have fun learning, it's a lot of mistakes along with a lot of successes, but always a lot of fun!

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