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    Silicone grease?

    I need to re-seal my recent project watch (SKX175 - see the Seiko Forum for pics). I understand that the case back and stem can be sealed by applying silicone grease to the o-rings. Is this correct? If so, how much is too much / not enough? Thanks! The crystal should be no problem with some crystal adhesive.
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    Re: Silicone grease?

    Well, if you have to wipe it off, you used way too much! I just get the o-ring 'wet'... I believe the grease is to make it seat not to provide a sealant itself.
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    Re: Silicone grease?

    If you buy something like this you should be all set. You put the O-ring/gasket in this and close the lid, give it a quick turn and it should have the appropriate amount of grease:

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    Re: Silicone grease?

    I've read that you should put a small drop between your fingers and then run the gasket through your fingers. That should get enough on there. Good luck.
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