I have a rare Glycine SST Chronograph 'Pumpkin' ca 1968, only 100 made. I am in the process of restoring the watch case, dial and movement to NOS appearance. This watch will be a keeper for me.

Many of these cases have what is known as a sunburst brushed finish. That is the brushed finish on the case radiates out from the centre of the dial. Does anyone know how to do this finish without using sandpaper and individual strokes, tried that and cannot get an even finish.

I envision a turning engine which rotates the watch case around its centre an another rotating brush with even metal bristles which is applied to the spinning case. Any ideas?

Here are some pictures of the glycine:

picture one:

The watch on the right has the NOS finish as applied at the factory
The watch on the left is the one I am restoring. The explanation on the photos is for the dial restorer who pesently has the watch dial, with strict and expensive instructions to reproduce the dial exactly but to new old stock condition.

picture two:

Close up of the watch requiring restoration.

picture three:

Close up of a applied brush finish done with 400 grit sandpaper, better but not correct.

picture four:

Still waiting for the dial to be returned from the dial restorer.