Just received my first Tissot, a PR100 Titanium
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Thread: Just received my first Tissot, a PR100 Titanium

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    Just received my first Tissot, a PR100 Titanium

    It's my first Tissot and my first watch from a Swiss brand in general, it's a PR100 titanium quartz. I've been dancing around the PR100 for a while and finial decided to go in and I'm glad I did. It's a very nice watch for around 230 USD, it even has a sapphire crystal. I've been leaning more toward quartz watches lately and had largely assumed all modestly priced quartz movements were the same, but that's not entirely true. The biggest standout feature and difference between the Tissot and my similarly priced Japanese watches is the PR100 has instant date change at midnight, which was a pleasant surprise. This is a big bonus for me since I regularly work and record time/date past midnight. The movement is quiet too, much quieter than my Casio's, but not as quiet as my Citizen's which are virtually inaudible. Still, I pretty much have to jam it in my ear to hear the ticking. Another difference with this movement is the solid snap while moving the crown between running, date adjust, and time adjust. My biggest complaint with the quartz watches I own is that it's nearly impossible to adjust the date independently without accidently pulling the crown all the way out and screwing up the time. With the PR100 there is a solid stop at the date adjust and you have to be determined to pull it out further to adjust the time. It's very easy to compensate for those pesky 30 days months. The titanium is very light, and both polished and brushed for a nice look. The bracelet has three micro adjustment holes which is nice and a feature I use. It's got a sport/dressy look, and with 10 bar water resistance it should serve well as my wear it anywhere watch. I will definitely be looking to purchase another Tissot. And enough of all that, here is the picture. It was hastily taken under tungsten lighting so the colors show a little different in daylight.
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    Re: Just received my first Tissot, a PR100 Titanium

    Nice watch enjoy !

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    Re: Just received my first Tissot, a PR100 Titanium

    Wear it in good health. Looks great. I personally am not a fan of Quartz watches, but I never judge anyone who likes them. You seem like you are happy with your purchase and this is one of the great things about enjoying watches; when you can tell yourself "yes, I did the right thing".

    Personally I wouldn't mind seeing more pictures :p
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    Re: Just received my first Tissot, a PR100 Titanium

    Nice watch - And I think that's something EVERYBODY can agree on!

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    Re: Just received my first Tissot, a PR100 Titanium

    Ok, some more thoughts on the PR100. Normally I don't subject watches in this price range to the loupe, but I thought I'd do a little comparison and was pleasantly surprised. The PR100 held up well under magnification with nice, even application of lume, very few burs or machining marks on the hands, and sharp well defined indices. There are some flaws, but it far exceeded my expectations at this price point. I've included some macro shots of the PR100 and two other watches for comparison. The second watch is my Seiko SARB017 Alpinist, a watch I've always held up as a supreme value for the money. It's around 100 USD more than the PR100 pictured but similarly priced to the automatic PR100's. It look good under magnification but there is a lot of visible burs and machining or stamping marks, and I can actually see them without magnification. The third is a Fossil Grant because why not. It's around 100 USD less than the PR100 and exhibits all the hallmarks of poor quality. Messy and uneven lume, poorly painted indices and so on. Over all, I think the PR100 is a terrific value, I may end up getting an automatic version as well for when I'm in the mood for that.
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    Re: Just received my first Tissot, a PR100 Titanium

    I hope you get as much enjoyment out of your next Tissot (you will) as the PR100 Ti has given you.

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    Re: Just received my first Tissot, a PR100 Titanium

    Great write-up. Thanks for sharing. It is a solid, understated piece that will probably never go out of style and will run for years and years. Enjoy!
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