the other day I came across a sales add on this forum for a gently used Submariner:

I PM'd Pedro AKA "Crow1962" and told him I would give him his asking price of 7800 USD for the watch to which he readily accepted,,
I knew he wasn't returning from vacation until jan 15th, and that wasn't a big deal for me as I was in Qatar on a business trip at the time.

The following day I travel back to USA and send him a PM asking him how much additional $ to add for the PP fees?
he then tells me he "made a deal with another WUS member and if that deal didn't go through, then he would offer me the watch"
I was somewhat shocked as I has offered him asking price and assumed we had a deal. I told him I was traveling and would pay via PP asap.
He couldn't ship until the 15th or 16th so I was under the assumption time was not a factor,,,guess I assumed wrong....

oh well,,I guess I'm lucky I didn't send the money first without asking him,,,buyer Beware!!!
this was my first "deal" on this forum,,,is this normal behavior??