Buying a vintage watch is a scary concept to the uninitiated, and the old saying that one "buys the seller" rather than buying the watch is filled with wisdom. Moonwatchman is a seasoned collector with reliable connections in the watch collector world, and am I ever glad to have met him.

I obtained from him a vintage, supremely preserved, well cared-for, Gallet Multichron 12 from the early 1960's, and I couldn't be happier. Moonwatchman was professional, courteous, and fully transparent regarding what he knew about the watch and things he wasn't sure about. He did vouch for the correctness of the watch, based on it's provenance and the feedback of experts in his network.

I feel lucky to have dealt with such an honest and fair person, who is not out there to gouge unsuspecting folks. I was able to independently validate the watch, and everything checked out.

Moonwatchman was very helpful in explaining how to deal with an old vintage piece, along with the "do's" and "don'ts" that come along with caring for it. He's a collector who truly cares about his watches, and where they end up. It was much more than a transaction; it was an experience in mutual enthusiasm and appreciation for these little mechanical wonders. He has even made himself available to answer any questions after our transaction, and we've shared a wristshot or two.

I couldn't be happier, and what a way to get my first vintage piece.