Gaja1000 Good Guy, Interesting story.

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    Gaja1000 Good Guy, Interesting story.

    I posted a warning thread about gaja1000 (now deleted) because I found out that he is actually a good guy.

    I was looking for an Oris Great Barrier Reef watch, I posted a WTB thread about it, I got a response from 2 people, one of them was a scammer (WUS suspended him), the other was gaja1000... I did a feedback search on gaja1000 and found a thread by another member saying that he was a scammer, so I approached my interaction with him with caution. he sent me 3 photos of the Oris, the photos were probably taken in a hurry, so they were non-detailed. which to a person like me who's read that he's dealing with a possible "scammer" raised some alarms... but I REALLY wanted that watch for its sentimental value... he initially offered me the watch for $1650+postage... I asked for the best price, he gave me $1435 including postage, I agreed but I wanted security that I'd be getting the watch, so I asked him to sell it to me through ebay because there would be a solid record of a transaction, because in the back of my head this guy was a possible scammer as some member described him in some thread... I asked him if he had sales on WUS, because I was hoping that he would address the negative feedback... he told me that he took a deposit on the watch, which I thought was weird, since he didnt advertise it on WUS, how would someone else give him a deposit... I thought it didnt make sense, but thought "maybe I dodged a bullet with a guy who's been called a scammer".

    a couple of weeks later, another reputable member here sent me a link to a seller selling an Oris Great Barrier Reef watch for $895... and to my surprise it had the same limited edition number (919/1000) as the watch gaja1000 was telling me he had (but didnt show me a photo of the number). the seller was reputable without any negative feedback and he had detailed photos of the watch and he was selling it for $895, not $1435... so I immediately had no doubt that gaja1000 was trying to sell me something he did not own by taking my money and buying this watch for $895 and keeping the rest of the $1435, but I remembered that he told me that he took a deposit on the watch... so I immediately thought "how can he take a deposit from someone while this watch is still for sale???!!!!!!!!!" it didnt make sense to me.... I went ahead and bought the watch from the reputable dealer and posted a thread about my experience with gaja1000.

    I told gaja1000 that I wasnt happy that he tried to scam me, he disagreed and told me that he indeed sold the watch to the person I bought it from... but I thought it was just a lie... afterall, a WUS member posted a "scammer" thread about him, and it did not make sense to me at all that someone would sell a watch for less when they could get waaaay more for it.... because if the reputable dealer was selling it for the realistic price of $895, he must have gotten it for less than that, so gaja1000 would have to have sold it for less than $895 when he could have gotten $1435 from me which I think we could all agree would not make sense to many of us.... BUT THAT'S WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. HE WAS NOT LYING, HE DID SELL IT TO THE DEALER I BOUGHT IT FROM.

    So this thread is to inform everyone that if you read that other member's thread describing gaja1000 as a scammer, its not true, and that while most times you should be careful when things dont make sense, its also very important to know that sometimes the weirdest stories and situations happen. gaja1000 is a good guy, the dealer has confirmed it to me as well. gaja1000 is a good guy, and I think anyone thinking of dealing with him should ignore the negative thread by the other member and learn from my interaction with him that sometimes it may look like someone is doing all sorts of wrong things when they're totally not.
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