Silvije aka mac44 sold me his Baltic HMS 001, blue gilt for an incredible price.

It took about 10 days (!) for PayPal to clear the money. He was incredibly patient during this time, which I experienced as yet another PayPal-ordeal.

After the money cleared, he shipped the watch to me. He even threw in some extra trinkets. The package was delivered within just a couple of days.

During the unboxing, it turned out the watch glass was deeply scratched. These were not scratches from normal wear, but rather a deliberate attempt by someone to damage it. Like someone rubbed it against a brick!
I'm 100% convinced a postal or customs employee was too blame for this. Silvije even sent me some extra pictures dated a day before shipping.

After the initial dissapointment and contacting Silvije and Baltic Watches, I took the watch to my jeweler (as I'm prone to do more damage than good). About a week later, I picked it up again. Like new! Silvije was kind enough to compensate me for the cost of having the scratches buffed out.

All in all, this whole journey has taken 3 weeks or so. But, as I mentioned before,
Silvije was a true gentlemen throughout and a pleasure to communicate with!

I would not hesitate a second to buy from him again or to recommend him to any buyer or seller!

5 stars!