No Worries When Buying from dpj17

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    No Worries When Buying from dpj17

    When buying from dpj17, you definitely have no worries!!!!

    Bought a Perrelet Power Reserve Silver Face with Rose Gold Accents on Bracelet. Finalized the transaction late Wednesday and I received this beauty in California by noon today (less than 2 days). The watch was everything and more than described by dpj17, I couldn't be happier as to how smooth everything went and WOW what a great packaging job dpj17 did. One look at the shipping box and I knew that the watch hadn't been damaged during the trip from Chicago to San Mateo.

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    Re: No Worries When Buying from dpj17

    To call Pete a "newbie" would be unfair to him. Hands down one of the best buyers I have ever dealt with! Enjoy it Pete!
    "Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat"

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