poor experience buying Tissot direct from Amazon.com (NOT 3rd party sellers)

Thread: poor experience buying Tissot direct from Amazon.com (NOT 3rd party sellers)

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    poor experience buying Tissot direct from Amazon.com (NOT 3rd party sellers)

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, so thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions you might have regarding this post. In a nutshell, I bought a Tissot V8 (cream dial, brown leather strap) from Amazon.com (NOT 3rd party sellers), and there are a number of oddities when the watch came. I do believe the watch is authentic, but I am not sure if it's 100% new. My concerns are 1) The watch is already running when it came in the mail, no one knows how long it's been running, so probably I'll have to pay to change the battery quite soon 2) No protective sticker on the surface of the watch to protect the bezel and sapphire crystal when the watch came 3) Many scratches on the bezel around the crystal (NOT on the tachymetre), a dent below the 6 o'clock index, plus several chips around the rim of the bezel. Pictures are attached.

    I am unsure if the watch is 100.00% new, how could these imperfections come about, as I don't think Tissot will release sub-standard products into the market. My personal feeling is that the damages on the bezel are bound to happen quite soon anyways (I had similar experiences with my other tachymetre watches, or divers), but I suppose it would be useful to let others know what to expect if they were to buy from Amazon.com (even if it is direct from Amazon LLC). The watch itself is gorgeous, so I probably wouldn't go through the hassle of returning and ordering a "new" one, since I can't be sure if the "new" replacement would be of any higher cosmetic quality. Thanks for reading!
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    Amazon is not an authorized Tissot dealer. It's gray market. You cannot expect a perfect quality control.

    Concerning your questions:

    Quartz watches are always running when they are shipped. It's impossible to know how long the first battery will last... The watch could have been in a warehouse 1 years or even more. But who cares? A new battery cost nothing.

    Plastic protection is not mandatory. Watches sold in authorized shops rarely have one. I wouldn't worry about that...

    The scratches on the bezel are not acceptable in my opinion. It indicates this watch was a returned item, an ex demo or was not packaged correctly.
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    Re: poor experience buying Tissot direct from Amazon.com (NOT 3rd party sellers)

    Keep in mind Amazon sellers are almost always GRAY market, resellers so no warranty from the manufacture.

    Instead, Amazon or the seller offers their "warranty" in place of the manufacture warranty

    I would return and look for a seller with feedback here on the forum if possible. Remember: Buy the seller also of course they may not have the watch you want ALWAYS check the seller if they have limited or no feedback or stay away.

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