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    Scam Alert--Bogus Cashiers Checks

    I had a watch posted awhile back on Timezone and Watchnet. I sold the watch to a Watchnet regular but kept getting emails from someone over and over saying they still wanted to buy my watch after I told them once it was sold. Kept deleting the emails even though they said they were paying me for it soon. On Monday, received a UPS Next Day mail envelope. The name on the outside was James Rangel of Houston, Texas with an address I checked and there was no such address in Houston that was on the UPS envelope. Did a trace on UPS website and the envelope was sent from Kentucky, not Houston. Inside was a cashiers check made out to me for $7,400 from a George Smith--not James Rangel who mailed it. The check looked extremely legit with watermarks, etc. I contacted the bank that was on the cashiers check and they asked me to fax them a copy of the cashiers check and then called me back to alert me it is counterfeit and advised me to alert my local authorities. They are turning this into their local authorities in Florida. On the outside envelope was my name, address, and phone number obtained somehow by someone trying to commit fraud--either got it online or perhaps my info on Watchnet or Timezone. It is my understanding the scam is to send you a cashiers check for much more than what you were selling the watch for and then they contact you advising they errored and ask you to wire funds for the overage sent. If a person does this and also mails the watch, they are then out the money wired and the watch when they find out a couple of weeks later that the cashiers check they deposited is bogus. I had nothing that I agreed to sell anyone here so I had a very good feeling this was a scam from the beginning, but someone unsuspecting with a watch to sell could get caught in this scam if they are unaware. It is my suggestion for anyone getting a cashiers check they are unsure about to contact the bank shown as the issurer on the check and check it out before depositing or cashing anything as there is good reason to believe it could be a counterfeit.

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    Re: Scam Alert--Bogus Cashiers Checks

    Thanks for the info Gary !
    Best regards,

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