Which 9F "Special" watch would you choose?
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Thread: Which 9F "Special" watch would you choose?

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    Which 9F "Special" watch would you choose?

    So far as I'm aware Grand Seiko have released a total of four "Special" 5spy watches for the 25th anniversary of the 9F calibre; the SBGT241, SBGV238, SBGN001 and SBGN007. Each have their pro's and con's.


    Name:  SBGT241.JPG
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    • Blued seconds hand
    • Colour-matched day and date window with Kanji option
    • Unusual "beads of rice" bracelet
    • 18K gold lion medallion on caseback
    • Fitting tribute to the 9F, as a remake of the original from 1993

    • Very dressy, might not suit all occasions
    • No independent adjustable hour hand
    • 19mm lugs make aftermarket straps more difficult


    Name:  SBGV238.JPG
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    • 18K gold bezel and dial furniture creates a "lightwell" golden effect on dial
    • 44GS style case
    • See-through caseback
    • 20mm lug width to suit a variety of strap changes
    • Colour matched date window

    • Also very dressy
    • No independent adjustable hour hand


    Name:  SBGN001.JPG
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    • GMT time display
    • Independently adjustable hour hand
    • Lume on hands and hour markers for night legibility

    • Colour mismatched date wheel
    • 19mm lugs
    • Very sporty style and bold colour scheme may also impact versatility


    Name:  SBGN007.JPG
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    • GMT Time display
    • Independently adjustable hour hand
    • 20mm lugs
    • Versatile style that tones down the sporty vibes of the SBGN001 by omitting the crown guards and 24-hour bezel

    • No lume like on the SBGN001
    • Colour mismatched date window

    Which would you pick and why?
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    Re: Which 9F "Special" watch would you choose?

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    Re: Which 9F "Special" watch would you choose?

    I chose SBGT241. Aside from being an anniversary special edition, the biggest draw for me was the day function with kanji.
    The other worthwhile perks were the case size, gold medallion, and the rice grain bracelet.

    My 2nd choice would've been the green GMT, just because it's a cool green, and a GMT (mainly wanting the indie hour hand). The N001 is too sporty, generally don't like yellow accents or the engraved GMT steel bezel look.
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    Re: Which 9F "Special" watch would you choose?

    I went for this one because it's awesome.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Which 9F "Special" watch would you choose?

    241 gets my vote too. A classic.
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    Re: Which 9F "Special" watch would you choose?

    SBGN001, because I own one.

    Only "con" is the 19mm lugs. But since I have no plans to ever replace the bracelet or switch to straps, it isn't a "con" to me.

    I am not as OCD about color-matched date wheels as others are. White date wheels make it very easy to read. Only time I don't like "mismatched" date wheels is when they turn out to be two different shades of the same color.

    Versatility? I wear this watch with a full business suit to Court. This is the most versatile watch I own, by far. Can dress it up with a suit and tie, or easily wear it with a t-shirt and shorts. Only outfit I would not pair this watch with would be a formal, black tie outfit, and since I haven't gone to a formal black tie event in years, it's not an issue. And even then I might wear this. I don't see why not.
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    Re: Which 9F "Special" watch would you choose?

    Tough choice. I’d be happy to own any of those.

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    Re: Which 9F "Special" watch would you choose?

    SGBN001 for me. I personally don't consider any of the "con's" to be a con but to each their own.

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    Re: Which 9F "Special" watch would you choose?

    My 2 LE Choices plus one non LE:

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    Re: Which 9F "Special" watch would you choose?

    241 gets my vote. clean and classy!!

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