Diver or GMT?
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Thread: Diver or GMT?

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    Diver or GMT?

    If you were in the market for your next Grand Seiko, would you get a diver (SBGA229) or a GMT (SBGE201)?

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    Using my collection as reference, I already have a chrono (SBGC003) and a dress (SBGA365). In this hobby of ours, it's inevitable that I'll eventually have both. But if you were me, which would you prioritize?

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    Re: Diver or GMT?

    I have the Spring Drive GMT pictured (wearing it now, actually). Also have the new 9F quartz GMT. But no GS divers, only a Certina Action DS Diver with ETA 2824-2, which gets little use (just to keep the gears lubricated).

    As I do not dive much anyway, just occasional snorkelling, GMT complication is more useful for me than diving bezel. Both if those GMTs have enough WR to be classified as divers anyway (200m) and screw down crowns, so you can swim and dive with them it necessary.

    GMT bezel is easier to use in real life, to measure egg boiling and glue drying times, because it can be turned both ways.

    Check the 9F quartz GMT by the way, perfect size and great looking watch, if you can live with quartz. Only that it has no turnable bezel if that is a deal breaker. If not, but quartz is, there is also a really great looking spring drive GMT with silver/white dial, without the rotating bezel.

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    Re: Diver or GMT?

    Diver, any day of the week. I do own a GMT though. However, I do have a preference for the diver look.
    So, if it had to be either a diver or GMT, it'd be a diver. Thankfully, I didn't have to make that choice!
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    Re: Diver or GMT?

    Those models are similar. Do you prefer micro adjust divers clasp (on diver) or the one-button clasp on gmt? I would probably pick the divers 200m, but thats because i already have a spring drive diver with a gmt function.

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    Diver or GMT?


    You have a SBGA365! So nice and unusual! I’m jealous :)

    I have both the GMT SBGE001 and SBGA029. I also have the Ti SBGA231. In the past I had the Ti SBGE015 also.

    I got the SBGE001 first because I already had divers and nothing like the GMT. It was my first GS. Also the bezel can be used to time things which is quite useful, quite apart from the GMT aspect.

    If I was starting from you position, and I didn’t have any divers then I would probably go for the 029. I wear mine on a Erika MN, and in that combo it’s my favourite diver. You get the look without the weight.

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    Re: Diver or GMT?

    I think the GMT looks fairly unique, while the diver doesn't really stand out too much. So if you're going for looks and not functionality, I think the GMT is the way to go!

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    Wow, tough call. I am not sure it could get any more difficult. I think I'd actually look at one of the new 9f GMTs because they're sized perfectly. Of these two, maybe the diver since you don't already have one in your collection, and everyone needs at least one diver.
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    Re: Diver or GMT?

    If I had to pick only one, it would be the diver. I have little use for a GMT though.

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    Re: Diver or GMT?

    Diver, since it seems that you don't have one in your collection.

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    Re: Diver or GMT?

    I too maybe like the diver just a bit better (both are great choices) but they are large so you have to have the wrist to pull it off, IMHO.
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