This thread is to hopefully replace the "Rolex Owners Thoughts on Grand Seiko" thread for folks that want to discuss GS issues that may not warrant their own Thread. That way we won't have a another OoO like thread that has drifted almost completely off topic but goes on and on and on, and without a provocative title.

I'll start here with how I became interested in GS. Originally, I was into inexpensive divers and my first purchase was a Orient Mako USA II. After hanging around WUS awhile, I noticed Valuewatchguy's MWW 62MAS project which re-ignited an interest in Seiko (got a Bellmatic as a grad present from my parents and a 7A48 from my soon-to-be wife, still have both watches and the wife!). That led to my SLA017 - still the only high end Seiko made diver that (barely) fits on a skinny wrist. Since that 017 has some GS traits, that led to an interest in GS that 3 GS models later; is still going on.