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    Grand Seiko Spring Bars


    In a couple of months spring will be upon us, Once the weather gets warm, my wrist swells and metal bracelets that I had sized when it is cold are too tight to wear.

    I got my Grand Seiko SBGN009 back in late Oct when the weather was getting cold and it was sized for this. The watch fits well right now. It will be too tight in the spring/summer. I am not interested in playing the move the links around game to get the correct summer size only to have to do it again in the winter.

    I plan on using the watch on a nice nylon 2 piece strap in the summer and the bracelet in the winter.

    Now even though the watch has 20mm lugs, being that it has a bracelet, I suspect the spring bars are actually 19mm (like a lot of braceleted watches) based on past Seiko experience.

    For spring bars, can I simply use a normal 20mm spring bar that I get from my watchmaker's place or is there some over priced/mystical GS Spring bar that I need?


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    Re: Grand Seiko Spring Bars

    You should be able to, IMHO.

    Thankfully, if you need to adjust them up or down, it is an easy event with a good spring bar tool.

    I like the spring bars from either or if you go aftermarket, and always try to get at least the 1.8mm.

    Good luck.
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    Re: Grand Seiko Spring Bars

    You should be OK with normal springbars. Just don’t use cheap ones - I wouldn’t like to think of my GS hanging off a couple of cheapies.

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    Re: Grand Seiko Spring Bars

    I usually use these fat spring bars for my NATO straps.

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