Review: Buletronic - Bulgarian digital watch brand (1975-1989)
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Thread: Review: Buletronic - Bulgarian digital watch brand (1975-1989)

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    Review: Buletronic - Bulgarian digital watch brand (1975-1989)

    While researching my latest acquisition of the rare Bulgarian brand electronic watches Buletronic, I discovered that the available information about the brand on the web is quite scarce. I decided to attempt to summarize the known for watches produced under this name in the 70s and 80s. Except the specimens in my collection, I used pictures of Buletronic from the net and tried to organise a systematic review about models and modifications.


    In 1972. American brand Hamilton Watch Co. in partnership with Electro Data Inc. launches world’s first electronic digital clock screen under the brand Pulsar.Electro Data was lead by a Bulgarian – Petar Petrov (1929-2003) . Born in Brestovitsa in the family of the priest Dimitar Petrov, the young man visited Seminary, but afterwards emigrated and was recrueted in the French Foreign Legion. Back in Bulgaria, he became an officer in the Royal Bulgarian Armmy. In 1944 Petrov went to Germany to study engineering. After the war, he emigrated to America, where he participated in a number of developments, including projects for NASA. In 1972. as head of Electro Data Ink. Petrov was involved in creating the first digital watch – Pulsar, trademark of Hamilton Watches Co. In 1978. Seiko Watch Corporation of America (SCA) acquired the brand Pulsar.

    In 1973. Moscow factory „Pulsar“ (coincidence?) started producing LED – clock Elektronika-1, based on reverse engineering of the Pulsar (disputable topic)


    Probably in 1975 Bulgaria started producing LED watches. There is a discussion, weather Buletronic is a bulgarian reverse engineered project, or a licence of Elektronika, but branded Buletronic. Production is organized in Pravets – hometown of communist leader Todor Zhivkov, where large-scale production of electronics (Pravets Computers) is planned to develop.Soon after the start of production, LED technology gives way to the LCD. The first LCD models of Buletronic use case and covers of the LED models. Later, new models with the traditional form of digital electronic watches appear.LCD-models use mechanisms produced in the Far East. It is believed that practically there is no difference between Buletronic and Sanyo from that time.Characteristic of LED watches from the 70s is that they are rarely branded. This makes the differentiation of the first models Buletronic from the other LED watches a hard job. However, comparing the known data, batteries, covers and cases, which repeats the branded LCD- models, we can try to make some basic classification.

    Buletronic M10 model is probably the first Buletronik

    Name:  Buletronic-M10-LED.jpg
Views: 2824
Size:  86.7 KBpicture from eastern-bloc-watches2

    Another LED model – square with rounded corners is probably derived from the Soviet Electronica

    Name:  buletronic-LED2.jpg
Views: 2359
Size:  41.5 KB

    The most popular LED model is with circular glass and two buttons – one convex and one concave. Occurs in yellow and white metal. On the same basis was made and a round LCD model with two convex and one concave button.

    Name:  Buletronic-round-LED-silver.jpg
Views: 2243
Size:  17.7 KB

    Name:  Buletronic-round-LED-gold.jpg
Views: 2632
Size:  27.1 KBpicture from here: ’иж ‚ема‚а - ‘ƒле‚€оник LED -
    Name:  Buletronic-round-LCD-dold.JPG
Views: 2260
Size:  74.1 KB

    Model with oval glass – also in LED and LCD option – with two convex and one concave button.

    Name:  Buletronic-oval-LED-1.JPG
Views: 2210
Size:  34.2 KB

    Name:  Biletronic-oval-LCD-1.jpg
Views: 2211
Size:  18.7 KB

    LCD with hexagonal case with 4 knobs. Various modifications are known. High-performance is considered the model Chronograph.

    Name:  Buletronic-hexagon2.JPG
Views: 2229
Size:  69.1 KB

    Name:  Buletronic-hexagon1.jpg
Views: 2109
Size:  8.5 KB Buletronic Lithium

    Name:  Buletronic-hexagon-LCD-chronogr.jpg
Views: 2365
Size:  44.4 KB Buletronic Chronograph

    The next generation: Buletronic-20 Chronograph repeats the appearance of the previous chrono ,but the case is rectangular, and one of the 4 button is concave. Can be seen in black and silver.

    Name:  Buletronic20-chronogr.JPG
Views: 2327
Size:  81.9 KB

    At least two Buletronic models for ladies exist, with 3 and 4 buttons.As mentioned in the assembly of mechanisms used in Buletronic, cans and lids from different manufacturers are used.

    Name:  Buletronic-Lady1.JPG
Views: 2266
Size:  70.9 KB

    Name:  Buletronic-Lady-blue.JPG
Views: 2436
Size:  60.8 KB

    Lids - inscriptions:
    Buletronic-Quartz – Bulgaria
    Buletronik – 20
    Made in Bulgaria
    Base Metal Bezel Stainless Steel Back Antimagnetic Swiss Case
    Base Metal Case Stainless Steel Back

    Name:  Buletronc-q-bg-back.jpg
Views: 2334
Size:  20.5 KB

    Name:  Buletronic-oval-LCD-b.jpg
Views: 2156
Size:  26.0 KB

    100% Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel Hong Kong

    LED – models and their LCD-derivatives are powered with two round batteries
    or one oval battery.
    Later LCD models have a round battery, some have a separate screwable cap for the battery.

    Name:  Buletronic-oval-LED-b1.JPG
Views: 2391
Size:  73.8 KB

    Name:  bul11.jpg
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Size:  41.7 KB

    Name:  buletronic-lcd.jpg
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    Manufacture of electronic watches Buletronic is basicly for propaganda and image. In communist societies clock prize is a common form of incentive for. Modern technology should show the progress of socialist science and industry. Buletronic watches with LCD screen are distributed to the delegates of the Communist Party Congress.

    At the XI Congress in 1976. delegates were granted watches branded Pravets Quartz

    Name:  Buletronic-Pravets.jpg
Views: 2255
Size:  91.8 KBpicture from here:

    At the XII Congress in 1981, all delegates were awarded Chronographs Buletronic – 20. It is noteworthy an orthograph mystake: The mask logo is Buletronic, and the lid Buletronik

    Name:  Buletronic20-Chronogr-s.JPG
Views: 2070
Size:  30.0 KBName:  BuletronicChrono81-4.JPG
Views: 2152
Size:  35.7 KB

    On the occasion of the first joint space mission with Bulgarian participation – cosmonaut Georgi Ivanov ( Soyuz 33) in 1979, a special series devoted to Intercosmos program was created.

    Name:  Buletronic-hexagon-intercosmos.jpg
Views: 2264
Size:  135.0 KB picture from here: commemorative-space6

    Buletronic watches were sold on the domestic market as a luxury and upscale merchandise. Export was limited.This review of Buletronic brand is not exhaustive. It is possible that the text contains inaccuracies. There possibly are models and modifications, that are not familiar to me. If you have a different Buletronic, do not hesitate to send information and photos to [email protected] to be included in the text.

    The review is from my collector's blog
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    Re: Review: Buletronic - Bulgarian digital watch brand (1975-1989)


    Thank you for your excellent survey of Buletronic watches. Ten minutes ago I had never heard of Buletronic. Now I feel that I know enough to start shopping for one!

    Best wishes,

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    Re: Review: Buletronic - Bulgarian digital watch brand (1975-1989)

    Blimey great post!

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    Re: Review: Buletronic - Bulgarian digital watch brand (1975-1989)

    Wonderful fotos and info and history! Thanks a lot for sharing Komshu (Neighbour).

    Capt. Serdal

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    Re: Review: Buletronic - Bulgarian digital watch brand (1975-1989)

    Thanks for posting,it sure was educational,and enjoyed the pics.

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    Re: Review: Buletronic - Bulgarian digital watch brand (1975-1989)

    Great historical review, thanks! Поздрави!

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    Re: Review: Buletronic - Bulgarian digital watch brand (1975-1989)

    That was a lot of work - a labour of love, I'm sure. Well done!

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    Re: Review: Buletronic - Bulgarian digital watch brand (1975-1989)

    Buletronic mod. M-73
    Original box, invoice, manual, ellipse shape Li-ion battery.

    Name:  bulm73-3.jpg
Views: 2270
Size:  106.3 KBName:  bulm73-b1.jpg
Views: 1913
Size:  33.4 KBName:  bulm73-sc1.jpg
Views: 1978
Size:  52.0 KB

    More pictures HERE
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    Re: Review: Buletronic - Bulgarian digital watch brand (1975-1989)

    PRAVETZ Quartz - the first Bulgarian LCD, produced in Pravetz in the same factory, that produced Buletronic. A real vintage rarity!

    Attachment 992866

    View the whole review>>
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