review: MOMO DESIGN Dive Master 1000M... not your average MOMO
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Thread: review: MOMO DESIGN Dive Master 1000M... not your average MOMO

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    Thumbs Up review: MOMO DESIGN Dive Master 1000M... not your average MOMO

    As most of us do, we get to a point where we want something different...
    either it be a different case material or color or a unique design or something far from the norm.

    Well, as my collection is on the small side, I felt the need for a 'black' watch.
    At one time I had an Alpina Extreme Diver with Yellow accents and realized not long after selling that
    I missed that color combo.
    It was a very cool watch but unfortunately could only take proprietary straps due to the lug design and
    I was never incredibly fond of how the factory strap tapered to 18mm.

    Nothing since then has caught my eye in the 'PVD' world until now.

    enter the MOMO Design Dive Master...

    I came upon it after buying my Delma Blue Shark 3000M diver and dealing with a company in Germany.
    Gerd at ChronoCentral was so great to deal with that I went right back to him after finding out that
    his company also distributes MOMO.

    What grabbed me about this particular watch is that it has a lot of neat characteristics as well as having
    a nice and standard lug width of 24mm so a multitude of straps could be fitted to it if you should so wish.
    Personally, I don't think I would change the strap... its one of the nicest rubber ones I have worn.
    (I have been wearing the watch for a few weeks now to get a true feeling for what I thought about it)

    First off, the case that my watch came in is enormous and very solid and heavy.
    Black lacquered wood with nice heavy duty hinges and a thick MOMO DESIGN name plate on the outside.
    Not sure if all of the Dive Masters come in one that big or not as I have seen a slightly smaller version
    box but those are still very nice and well made.
    Perhaps I got the huge one as a bonus for being a repeat buyer?
    Nonetheless, I won't be wearing the box so I don't really care. ;)

    I went with the black and yellow color combo since I needed something different as I mentioned above.

    What's cool about the MOMO is that the PVD finish is nice and dark matted... looks so stealthy with no shine.
    Another really cool characteristic is that the case has composite rubber inserts on the sides which lend to
    its appeal (IMO) and actually could work well in preventing marks of any kind.
    The rubber inserts are secured tightly in place via the lug screws. (another great feature... screws not spring pins)
    I like that the automatic Helium Release Valve was left as polished steel too, it adds something to the look, not sure
    how to describe it but it works.

    The strap is also made of composite rubber, not that cheap silicone stuff, and maintains its shape incredibly well
    on the wrist which in turn makes for some very comfortable wear.
    It also has one of the keepers held in place by tabs molded into the strap... a great feature for those that
    don't like their keepers sliding up and down the strap while wearing. (I am one of them)

    The bezel tapers up and down in 3 locations which make it even easier to grip and gives it a bit more dimension.
    The sides of the bezel are grooved and match the pattern on both the crown and the sides of the buckle.

    As for the dial it is not overly done and is quite clean and legible.
    The yellow lume on the dial and hands is nicely done and the white rimmed hands really pop against the dial.
    The lume is actually very good for being a colored lume, the yellow lights up nicely when charged.

    The dial incorporates a window to see part of the movement and has a metal PVD frame around it which
    is held in place with screws.
    Quite cool and quite unique, especially on a diver!

    Beings MOMO was originally derived for the racing market, the strap does have a bit of a tire tread design
    on the top but its not deep or overdone like on an Oris watch.
    Also, the underside of the strap shows the MOMO logo which is basically a steering wheel center.
    The buckle also has the same design as does the side of the crown.
    Everything is tied in so nicely.

    Lastly, the crystal is thick sapphire with AR coating on both sides.
    This ends up making the watch look like there is nothing over the dial under certain lighting angles.

    The case is 48mm wide and about 16mm thick but don't be afraid of the size, it wears so comfortable on
    the wrist thanks to the strap and its curved molding.

    I will stop rambling now, I just wanted to do a quick review of a watch that I've never seen discussed before.

    Thanks for reading and thanks to Gerd at ChronoCentral for all the great service!!!!

    a few manufacturer specs:



    Movement: ETA 2824/2 Swiss Made
    Case: Stainless-Steel 316-L with Screw Crown and black PVD treatment
    Lens: Antiglare Sapphire
    Strap: Composite Rubber (TVSIP)
    Water Resistant: 100 ATM
    Case Diameter: 48,00 mm.
    Case Thickness: 16,00 mm.

    and a few quick pics...

    I really need to try and take a few pictures of the watch outside in sunlight as my pictures don't do any
    justice for the color combo.
    The yellow is so nice in person, sort of a citrus shade.

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    Re: review: MOMO DESIGN Dive Master 1000M... not your average MOMO

    Hello. Beautiful watch. What is the SMRP price,if not a secret. Thanks.

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    Be weary of dealing with Chronocentral... I tried to also buy a blue shark from them and they sent me a different watch. I did send a message to gerd but I'm pretty sure this was not an accident.

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    Re: review: MOMO DESIGN Dive Master 1000M... not your average MOMO

    Nice review. Can't see your pictures though.

    Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.

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    Re: review: MOMO DESIGN Dive Master 1000M... not your average MOMO

    Excellent review, excellent watch! Just got mine and couldn't be happier with the quality and overall look and feel.
    When buying a watch - under $500 anything goes, over $1000 you should know!

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