I purchased an Adanac (Marathon) WW1940242 digital watch on a whim a little while back. I hadn't worn it in a few weeks and it was a little bit off of being dead on. So, being the stickler I am, I went to reset it. Now, having not worn it in a while and not having had it long, I forgot the button to hold down to put it into time setting mode (lower left for the record). I held down the lower right button mistakenly and the display shut off! I pressed the button again and everything returned to normal. I believe I may have stumbled on a power saving feature. I contacted Marathon and the gentleman there suspected a button or module failure. I am not so sure. I remember reading a list of criteria for a US military digital watch from the early days and one of the criteria was for any potential military digital watch to be able to be put into a low power state to save the batteries while they were in storage. There is nothing in the manual about this and the gentleman at Marathon didn't seem to be aware of it.

1. Does anyone know for a fact that these watches have a 'low power' state?
2. Anyone with one of these watches, would you mind holding down the lower right button for a few seconds and tell me if yours goes blank? Don't worry, press the button again (maybe any button) and it will come back to life.
3. I've looked again, but can't find the list of criteria the US military wanted in a digital watch. Anyone else finding it, could you post a link here?


Thank you all in advance.

This is the animal in question.
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