Nav B - Which style/movement to choose?

Thread: Nav B - Which style/movement to choose?

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    Nav B - Which style/movement to choose?

    I would like to purchase a Nav B style watch. My Dilemma is which movement to choose. My two options are the Unitas 6497 manual or the 2824-2 automatic.

    I golf fairly often and would like to wear it, but I heard the automatic movements can be damaged by such activities. I don't know how true that is.

    Does movement really matter, or does it come down to which style I like the best (sweeping seconds or seconds at 9 o'clock)? Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Nav B - Which style/movement to choose?

    All mechanic watches have visually sweeping seconds.
    All WW2 B-uhren had a central seconds hand, it is part of the original specification.
    Plenty of manufacturers out there.
    All depends on your budget!
    Laco, one ot the 5 original makers, makes nice ones.
    If you are prepared to wait a little bit, I believe Laco will make an unlimited version of the WUS LE?
    I might be wrong, I have lost the track of that one!
    Of course, you might be lucky and find one of the LE's on the Salesforum.
    IMO the most authentic scaled down replica of a WW2 Laco B-uhr so far.
    I do not think you are risking any damage playing golf. Incabloc protection will protect the movement.
    I do not play golf, but anatomically the soft tissue on your hand will act as a cushion and soften the chock.

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