Accutron n4 battery
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Thread: Accutron n4 battery

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    Accutron n4 battery

    Will a energizer 390 work on railroad n4 accutron? I read that a 344 might be too thick and short out. True or false?
    Im a new owner of a 2181 model .have Owned m6 214 for a few yrs. Thanks

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    Re: Accutron n4 battery

    Vapoteat, the silver oxide 344/350 battery is the recommended modern replacement for the old, original Accutron 218 batteries. It will work just fine. Besides the occasional person who uses something else, the 344 is likely the battery all vintage Accutron enthusiasts use in their 218, 219, 224, and 230 timepieces.

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    Thank you

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    Re: Accutron n4 battery

    Remember the + (side with 344 on it) is down with the non word side facing up. It is reverse of every other watch battery instillation.
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