2 Months of persistence finally pays off!!!!

Thread: 2 Months of persistence finally pays off!!!!

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    2 Months of persistence finally pays off!!!!

    Look what finally arrived today!! I originally ordered it in the beginning of January, but it was seemingly lost/stolen/misdelivered. After 2 months of talking to practically everyone in the USPS to no avail, my simultaneous and persistent emails with Pokeymonu finally resulted in him shipping me a replacement.
    Here's my original thread: https://forums.watchuseek.com/showthread.php?t=46922

    I gotta say I like the Sawtooth SHC061. It has a carbon fiber dial and black bezel and an excellent bracelet. However, all the trials and tribulations required to actually get the watch have depleated my excitement for it, and my interests have also changed. I've a burning desire to get a SAR, or something of the same ilk. So it looks like the Sawtooth is off to the Sales Forums. HAHA, I guess it was nice owning it!!
    Oh, and sorry for no pics, but my only access to a digital camera is my girlfriend, and Im not gonna fly to see her for another three weeks.


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    Re: 2 Months of persistence finally pays off!!!!

    Glad you finally got it Brendan and good luck with the sale!
    "Time is the school in which we learn. Time is the fire in which we burn."

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    Re: 2 Months of persistence finally pays off!!!!

    Ahh, I remember that thread, I'm glad to hear that you got your watch. It looks like this time, that everything works out in the end.

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