Any decent quality open hearts/skeletons under $150?
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Thread: Any decent quality open hearts/skeletons under $150?

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    Any decent quality open hearts/skeletons under $150?

    I've recently gone down the Aliexpress rabbit hole looking at all the cheap Chinese watches available. Could anyone recommend a decent quality open heart/skeleton watch for under $150? There are a bunch of brands like Binger and Ailang that have some interesting watches but I can't find any reliable information on them. They all claim to have sapphire as well.

    The best I've found so far is the Guanqin GJ16009 which has some reviews on Youtube, but it was tested and found to have mineral glass when it claimed sapphire. Obviously at this price point that's to be expected, but it's still disappointing how these brands try to deceive customers.

    In short, I'm looking for:

    - Decently accurate movement that will last a while
    - Preferably sapphire crystal
    - No obvious homages/ripoffs or "Swiss Made" on the dial

    This is the sort of style I'm looking for (maybe these are homages of something, I don't know):

    Name:  maxresdefault (1).jpg
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    All suggestions welcome.

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    Re: Any decent quality open hearts/skeletons under $150?

    Sthurling has some nice afforable skeleton pieces.

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    Re: Any decent quality open hearts/skeletons under $150?

    Maybe this Ruimas:
    It has Seiko NH38 movement which should be pretty reliable and also claims to have sapphire.
    You could also check some Orient watches like this Bambino: This model doesn't have sapphire though.
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    Re: Any decent quality open hearts/skeletons under $150?

    the Orient Bambino, at Jomashop but preferably at long island watch, under the price you specify.

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    Re: Any decent quality open hearts/skeletons under $150?

    If you want decent and open heart scope out some Orients. You’ll have to bin the sapphire though.

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    Re: Any decent quality open hearts/skeletons under $150?

    Google 'Perpetual Watch Company'
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    Re: Any decent quality open hearts/skeletons under $150?

    I've been happy with the two fossil skeletons I bought. One of them is actually the smoothest rotor I've found in this price range.

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    Re: Any decent quality open hearts/skeletons under $150?

    For just about $55 over your budget, you could look at the Tisell 9015-H, which has a significantly better movement than most of the Aliexpress specials and a sapphire crystal.
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    The Orient Bambino is also a great choice, but the $150 to $200 range is kind of one where you can get a lot more for a little extra.

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    Re: Any decent quality open hearts/skeletons under $150?

    I am fond of my Bulova but mineral glass
    Often found at $150 or so. Costco had them last week c&utm_campaign=googleproductsearch?flash_5_off&pt_ source=googleads&pt_medium=cpc&pt_campaign=(ROI)+S hopping+-+Sale+Watches+$100+-+500&gclid=CjwKCAjw8qjnBRA-EiwAaNvhwEhzwqQuGXQV3XNz7AdV6jXsk-xM5VPAylJF9HDZDiz5WVAkIyKu7xoC8uEQAvD_BwE
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    Re: Any decent quality open hearts/skeletons under $150?

    I'll pitch in with Parnis. You'll have to baby it, but the watch will look pretty good. Otherwise, I'd say Orient is 100% the way to go.
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