Anyone got a Mercer Dunham?

Thread: Anyone got a Mercer Dunham?

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    Anyone got a Mercer Dunham?

    I'm just wondering how these work out in the end, what the long-term wear is like: is this a goodie? not so goodie?

    How's it working out for you?

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    Re: Anyone got a Mercer Dunham?

    I own one. It's a good looking watch.. I wish mine had come with the leather strap but that's ok. My issues are kinda trivial about the STP movement. The date position is nearly impossible to hit on mine. I can never seem to hit it unless I'm really using my precision muscles. The other issue is that, in less than a year, the reverse wheels in the automatic work gummed up and locked the rotor to the winding mechanism. I bought it second hand so I had no warranty. Basically, when you would wind the watch, it would spin the rotor as well, putting a lot of unnecessary torque on the winding gears and the rotor won't wind the watch correctly.

    I replaced them with new reverse wheels from a Selitta SW200 and now it works great. I've had a love/hate relationship with this watch..

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