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Thread: Best Quartz Divers

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    Best Quartz Divers

    Automatic is nice but affordable quartz is.... well affordable. Any quartz divers with great lume and a great price >?
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    Re: Best Quartz Divers

    Great lume rules out Invicta, Croton, and most other Chinese made offerings.

    You can pick up a Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive for Under $150.

    Citizen Promaster BN0151-09L (Blue) or BN0150-28E (Black)

    Tauchmeister also makes quartz divers, as does Momentum, for $100-$150

    This Momentum Torpedo is only $73.63

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    Re: Best Quartz Divers

    39mm, sapphire, all ss, Swiss Ronda, Superluminova
    Name:  Big-waves-at-Black-Point-Beach-by-Bill-Oxford.jpg
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    Re: Best Quartz Divers

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonReal View Post
    You can pick up a Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive for Under $150.[/URL]

    Citizen Promaster BN0151-09L (Blue) or BN0150-28E (Black)
    These would be my choice.

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    Re: Best Quartz Divers

    My vote goes for the Divex, Apeks and Aqualung 200m and 500m models. Here's my 500m-
    Name:  IMG_20170917_152744.jpg
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    Re: Best Quartz Divers

    If great lume is in order, Seiko is worth mentioning.

    This one in particular is the SNE435 (PADI solar, 43.5mm x 50mm). The aforementioned Citizen is a bit less expensive, partly due to the rubber strap as opposed to a bracelet.

    Lume goes all night if that’s your thing!

    I got this one for...$220, I think. Someone else saw a sale price recently for under $200. Of course, that’s a small premium because of the “PADI” bit. I assume a normal one is more in line in price. They’re worth considering!
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    Re: Best Quartz Divers

    Bulova Accutron II is a good option, and it gets you a higher accuracy movement... with a sweeping second hand!
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    Re: Best Quartz Divers

    Not 100% om lume but check this out

    Or the scurfa diver one

    Or with a smaller collection a kinetic diver

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    Re: Best Quartz Divers

    Phoibos 1000m ($180) & 300m ($110) quartz - Ronda 515 movement

    Name:  PHOIBOS Men's PX005B 1000M Dive Watch Blue.jpg
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PHOIBOS PX002B 300M Dive Watch Swiss Quartz Blue.jpg 
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ID:	12865567Name:  PHOIBOS PX002C 300M Dive Watch Swiss Quartz Black.jpg
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    Orient 'Mako' quartz (around $160) - very nice

    Name:  ORIENT MAKO 200M Diving Sport Quartz Collection UNE3001B.jpg
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Size:  74.8 KBName:  MakoQuartz.jpg
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