BSHT40 (Brotherhood of Submariner Homage Thread) part 40
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Thread: BSHT40 (Brotherhood of Submariner Homage Thread) part 40

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    BSHT40 (Brotherhood of Submariner Homage Thread) part 40

    Lordy, Lordy, BSHT is forty!!

    We've come a long way, brothers! Many of you have been here to see the thread through it's infancy and first steps, those awkward teenage years (that first one, in particular, was a little....... troublesome) and that stretch in it's twenties when it didn't call it's mother nearly often enough!

    Along the way we've done a lot of good. We've helped out brothers who have lost jobs, supported brothers with their celebration of sobriety, designed a watch in honor of a brother's beautiful wife and her tragic loss to cancer. And I can personally attest to the love and support I have felt with my ongoing saga of trying to adopt our youngest one!

    People may say we are just a group of watch enthusiasts, but time and time again we show them that we are so much more!

    Thank you all. Seriously, without you guys and the heart and effort you put into making this a different kind of place, it would just be another internet fad that would habe faded long ago. The brothers (and sisters if there are any) are what makes it special. For that, I am grateful.

    So this is the point that Jay would usually link to every preceding BSHT thread.

    I'm not going to do that. I'm taking what I am going to call the lazy man's approach (but one that doesn't look like a standard length Vail post!)

    So here is the link to the previous thread. On it you will find everythig you need to need in post #1.

    Without further adieu, let's kick off our forties with a few pics and let the shenanigans get underway!

    Take a look back through memory and you'll see that those who shout the loudest rarely have anything worthwhile to say.
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    BSHT40 (Brotherhood of Submariner Homage Thread) part 40


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    Sub, no leather - bite me
    Cogito ergo sum - I think I am, therefore I am I think

    sogeha “a degenerate, but also a stand up guy” thank you Logicczar, you are too kind

    “Brotherhood > anything money can buy” Hanif.Rayney

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    BSHT40 (Brotherhood of Submariner Homage Thread) part 40

    Landed and happy to be here. I’ve been saving this update for the jump.

    New arrival and a birthday gift for my young Weebs. Have been saving this one for him for awhile and I finally got the chance for a matching one so we can have a father-son set. Plus a couple sets of matching straps from brother @zachste

    Thanks to founder James for offering up his recently acquired SKX009 to make this possible.

    And now some mixed wrist shots from the last week or so

    There was some talk of BSH GMTs this week. This one is on a custom nato by leather Jedi, John Torrez.

    If you haven’t checked out the new CSW SF1 straps yet, they’re freakin amazing. Not much stock nw but Zach says more are coming soon!

    @Darwin sub on loan on a strap from Thach. Love this combo

    Newly acquired SKX and while it never worked out to get my hands on a Kiger sub, I still proudly for the flag!

    Since the kids’ dance recital has been canceled, they got to wear their costumes for class this week (live online classes on Zoom)

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    Re: BSHT40 (Brotherhood of Submariner Homage Thread) part 40

    I’ll probably go put this one on today.

    Madness does not always howl. Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "Hey, is there room in your head for one more?"

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    Re: BSHT40 (Brotherhood of Submariner Homage Thread) part 40

    Trying to photograph this watch and let a pancake burn.

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    Re: BSHT40 (Brotherhood of Submariner Homage Thread) part 40

    Made the jump!

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    Re: BSHT40 (Brotherhood of Submariner Homage Thread) part 40

    Out the shower, and ticklin' the ivories for a minute. Now it's off to feed the dogs and check the sheep... The glorious life of a stay-at-homesteading dad!

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    Re: BSHT40 (Brotherhood of Submariner Homage Thread) part 40

    Jump complete! Still wearing this one until I get home this afternoon.
    "You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice" - Bob Marley

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    Re: BSHT40 (Brotherhood of Submariner Homage Thread) part 40

    About to go for a short trip with my daughter.

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    Re: BSHT40 (Brotherhood of Submariner Homage Thread) part 40

    Woohoo! Made the jump!

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