Budget dress watch for small wrists
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Thread: Budget dress watch for small wrists

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    Budget dress watch for small wrists

    Hello! This will be my first post and I hope I can get some recommendations!

    I'm looking for a small (38mm) dress watch that is preferably quartz!
    I only plan to wear tit occasionally so sometime cheaper will be good enough.

    Here's my criteria (?), ranked in order of importance:
    1. Below 150USD or S$200
    2. <39mm case diameter (I have 6" wrist :/)
    3. OR a lug to lug of <46mm
    4. White/cream dial with black/silver markers
    5. Dressier dial (Roman numerals, stick marker or a mix)
    6. Thin hands

    1. Quartz (but mechanical is fine too if its in the budget)
    2. Thin case (<10mm)
    3. Leather strap (Bracelet is fine if it can be changed out)

    Here are a bunch of models I've found that are about what I'm looking for!

    1. Bulova 96B104 Name:  481d2562646b7e3da6ea8b14cfc8988e.jpg
Views: 71
Size:  90.3 KB
    2. Seiko MTP-E133L-5EName:  casio-mtp-e133l-5eef.jpg
Views: 72
Size:  15.9 KB
    3. Seiko MTP-V005L-7B3 Name:  MTP-V005L-7B3_LRG.jpg
Views: 68
Size:  64.1 KB
    4. Orient UNG5004W Name:  UNG5004W.jpg
Views: 66
Size:  68.7 KB
    5. Orient RF-QD0008S Name:  1026520005263_L1.jpg?t=1571846213.jpg
Views: 65
Size:  77.0 KB
    6. Rotary Canterbury Men's Name:  rotary-canterbury-black-leather-strap-mens-watch-gs02424-21-72490-p.jpg
Views: 70
Size:  69.4 KB
    7. Rotary Avenger Name:  gs02874-06-1391178063-2516.jpg
Views: 68
Size:  31.0 KB
    8. Rotary Ultra Slim, GS08300/01 Name:  gs08300-01-a-ok-1509556925-7301.jpg
Views: 68
Size:  61.0 KB

    I would like to ask for more recommendations from you guys!
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    Re: Budget dress watch for small wrists

    lots and lots of seiko 5's would fit the bill, generally 37mm but some are a tad smaller. put it on a nice strap and you have a compelling option.
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    Welcome to WUS!

    Are you ok with buying a used watch? Your money will go further that way, they all eventually acquire a few scratches anyway!


    Name:  i-img1200x1200-1572686890r6xxac197391_1574849290759.jpg
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    Name:  i-img600x600-1570868124uxcfvj6495_1574849357152.gif
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    Older watches will generally be better suited size wise for your wrist. Plenty of options on Yahoo Japan for you to choose from, just set the filter to 10,000 yen which will work out to about USD $150 once fees are added.
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    Re: Budget dress watch for small wrists

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    Re: Budget dress watch for small wrists

    Timex Marlin Reissue 34mm (slightly over budget but currently available for $150 for black friday)

    Orient Bambino Ladies, pretty much identical to the mens model but at a much more reasonable 36mm
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    Re: Budget dress watch for small wrists

    Nothing beats Casio when it comes to price but you can look into timex (they come in variety of styles and while original Timex is loud others based on non Timex movements are quiet).
    Plenty of fashion watches such as fossil and Skagen 100% fit category.
    visit outlets and look for deals. My ultimate vote is for Seiko and Citizen.
    but if you work minimal or close to minimal wage and your job asks you to fork for formal clothing get Casio or Timex from amazon or outlet store.
    Bulova could be found at pretty descent price on e-bay supposedly new. Amazon has deals on Seiko.
    Anything below 40mm should be fine. 38mm kinda perfect.
    Good fashion watches are totally accepted in formal attire world.
    Name:  Array.jpg
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    Name:  fossil-minimalist-blue-dial-men_s-leather-watch-fs5304_2.jpg
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    Name:  SKW6468_main.jpg
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    Re: Budget dress watch for small wrists

    Although some may not think of Timex as a first choice, the Fairfield is an excellent option and comes in a 37mm version.

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    Re: Budget dress watch for small wrists

    I think in this case I’d see what Citizen had to offer.
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    Re: Budget dress watch for small wrists

    Automatics white Seiko 5's tons to chose under $100 36-38mm.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Budget dress watch for small wrists

    As you're seeing, all the major brands offer something in what you're looking for

    I suggest staying away from most fashion brands like DW, because the added price does not typically add quality or design over a Seiko.

    Some brands like Skagen tend how to have larger sized watches for men. Sometimes it helps to look at ladies models for the 38 mm range.

    I suggest having a minimal criteria of a stainless steel case. It's just going to wear better and arguably look better as lines can be sharper.

    Don't rule out lesser-known Chinese brands, especially if looking for value. Nakzen Pagoda with sapphire crystal is a really nice watch for 30 bucks.

    (Not my pic)
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