Hamilton Khaki vs Vostok Amphibia
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Thread: Hamilton Khaki vs Vostok Amphibia

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    Question Hamilton Khaki vs Vostok Amphibia

    I am trying to compare Hamilton Khaki Mechanical and Vostok Amphibia. Which would you buy based on durability, design, movement, style, etc.?

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    Re: Hamilton Khaki vs Vostok Amphibia

    Hamilton wins everything I think
    Durability, power reserve, history etc
    However, vostok also have good history and nice price! If you add some 'history score', check out vostok's radio room!! It might have power to fight with Hamilton Khaki!

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    Re: Hamilton Khaki vs Vostok Amphibia

    Hamilton hands down no comparison is the nicer, better feeling, better looking piece. I like, enjoy, and respect Vostok, but they are different levels of quality.

    I see the Vostok as sort of like a hot dog with mustard and relish, not sexy, but darn enjoyable, reliable, and gets the job done in its own way. The Hamilton is more like a Sirloin steak dinner, not the very best by any stretch, but has a sense of quality and respectability that is on another level.

    The Hamilton will have a more solid looking and feeling case, sapphire crystal, better dial, etc. Just really no comparison. That is not to say that you shouldn’t also buy a Vostok because they are fun in their own right.
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    Re: Hamilton Khaki vs Vostok Amphibia

    Depends on how much you want to spend. The Hamilton costs about 5 times as much as the Vostok.
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    Re: Hamilton Khaki vs Vostok Amphibia

    a better comparison.. would be Hamilton Khaky Mechanical (field watch) to Vostok Komandirskie... Field watch also mechanical.

    the amphibia is a Diver. However, all of the above is true.. the Hamilton has a much nicer cache.

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    Re: Hamilton Khaki vs Vostok Amphibia

    Given the low Vostok price buy both. It will cost about what the tax on the Hamilton will run you. I like both and hopefully I'll own both some day.

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    Re: Hamilton Khaki vs Vostok Amphibia

    I have owned both, and prefer the Vostok for several reasons. The Vostok is a unique design, with their own original waterproof case which is far superior to anything Hamilton makes. Videos online show the case withstanding more than 3 times the designed pressure (over 700 meters) before the acrylic crystal collapsed and shattered. They use their own in-house 31 jewel movement, not a generic movement similar to a hundred other brands. The crown de-couples from the movement when it is screwed down, so if the watch is dropped, the impact isn't transmitted to the mechanism. If that movement ever does give a problem, you can buy a new one for much less than the service cost on the Hamilton. Some of my Vostoks run at +2 sec/day (admittedly, some don't, but all are acceptably accurate).

    The Hamilton MAY be better finished (i.e. more polished and prettier) than SOME Vostoks, or it may not be. At any rate, better polishing on the case doesn't ensure that the watch will actually function better.

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    Re: Hamilton Khaki vs Vostok Amphibia

    Voted with my wallet......three times

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    Re: Hamilton Khaki vs Vostok Amphibia

    As an owner of five Hamiltons, I too vote with my wallet.
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    Re: Hamilton Khaki vs Vostok Amphibia

    Hamiltons definitely seem quality but every one of their designs puts me to sleep. Never owned a Vostok either but they're far more interesting to me.

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