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    Quote Originally Posted by atarione View Post
    if one is meaning ISO certified diver's watch.. then I'm thinking the cheapest option is the venerable Seiko SKX

    oh d*** it ... I proved myself wrong this is the cheapest ISO on I think $124 on sale right now

    Citizen BN0150-28E

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    If "actual diver" means ISO rated, then this is your answer.

    Keep in mind I SO 6425 calls for 100m WR or greater (NOT 200M only). Also IIRC, no specific reqmt is made for screwdown crowns.

    If the OP just means 200m WR with a bezel, then the Casio MRW is your answer.
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    How about a Phoibos px002a/b/c? Rated at 300m, case, bracelet an thick sapphire from the Steinhart ocean 1 watches. Can be had for around €90-100,-

    Or the obvious choise; Vostok Amphibia.
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