The Parkville - From Melbourne Watch Co
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Thread: The Parkville - From Melbourne Watch Co

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    The Parkville - From Melbourne Watch Co

    G'day fellow WUS people.

    I would like to share my latest aquisition with you, The Parkville from Melbourne Watch Co. I bought this as a gift for my dear wife and she absolutely loves it

    It's a 36mm watch that is powered by a Seiko Auto. The presentation box is worthy of mention also.

    I will let the pics do the rest of the talking, so here goes .....

    Name:  Parkville_[0000].JPG
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Size:  173.9 KB

    Name:  Parkville_[0001].JPG
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Size:  181.8 KB

    Name:  Parkville_[0002].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0003].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0005].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0004].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0006].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0007].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0008].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0009].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0010].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0011].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0012].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0013].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0014].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0016].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0017].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0018].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0019].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0020].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0021].JPG
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    Name:  Parkville_[0022].JPG
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    There is a very good review about it here : Melbourne Watch Co Parkville Watch Review | Watch It All About

    Cheers -- Pete

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    Re: The Parkville - From Melbourne Watch Co

    Great pics! Congrats on the purchase.

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    Re: The Parkville - From Melbourne Watch Co

    A very nice looking watch. Hope she enjoys it.

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    Re: The Parkville - From Melbourne Watch Co

    Thanks for sharing this, Pete! Great photos as well.



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    Re: The Parkville - From Melbourne Watch Co

    Getting that for the wife is a great idea. It is small enough and 'sophisticated' as my wife would say. I think my wife would also like this one. She currently has 4-5 $15 dollar watches from fashion stores. Nothing is wrong with those and she likes them. But as a watch enthusiast I am dying for her to find an f71 watch. May never happen, but one can hope! Hope your wife enjoys!

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    Re: The Parkville - From Melbourne Watch Co

    Great watch, great pics!

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    Re: The Parkville - From Melbourne Watch Co

    Thanks for your comments everyone. I'm just waiting for the first --> "Hey! the battery has gone flat already!" from my dear one, as it is her first auto

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    Re: The Parkville - From Melbourne Watch Co

    nice to see a properly sized dress watch.

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    Re: The Parkville - From Melbourne Watch Co

    Really nice pics above!

    I thought it was worth giving the thread a bump, as there's not nearly enough posts about the Parkville.

    Here's a few pics of the rose gold Parkville in the field. In China.

    Name:  IMG_8218.JPG
Views: 95
Size:  106.9 KB

    Possibly the only non-"Rolex" on the bullet train.

    Name:  IMG_8217.JPG
Views: 94
Size:  111.4 KB

    (These Chinese intercity trains are the shiz, by the way).

    Name:  IMG_8215.JPG
Views: 94
Size:  113.7 KB

    I'm not a "big watch" guy, but when I see a watch this size (36mm) on a woman's wrist, I think it signals authority and confidence, far more than those old-style dainty little ones.
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