Picked up a Vaer Watch
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Thread: Picked up a Vaer Watch

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    Picked up a Vaer Watch

    Working in an industry where I sometimes do a lot of heavy lifting, possibly bang my watch around and often need to wear a suit, I wanted to add a watch to my collection that was affordable, sleek and tough. I landed on a Vaer Classic.

    I have two mechanical watches and I love them - they are my daily drivers. Since I knew this watch would be more of an occasional wear, I didn't mind going with quartz. (One of the first watches I ever got, and one that got me interested in watches altogether was a Timex Fairfield. I feel like this is a much tougher yet sleeker version of that watch).

    I don't know how many folks here have in-person experience with these, so here are some of my first impressions:

    - Case finishing looks very good to me
    - The nylon straps aren't bad, but definitely more rough around the edges than my "Supreme Nato" from Crown & Buckle. I really like it on my Form+Function+Form straps - like the one pictured - anyway
    - I also got one of their new silicone quick release straps. I haven't worn it it but it feels like it will be very comfortable. This is likely what I'll use if I take it swimming, hiking, etc.
    - On my particular example, the second hand lines up with the markers perfectly from 0 to :30, then is off quite a bit from about :31 to :59. That is ok with me as an occasional wear, but might drive me nuts if it was a daily driver. I know that bothers some folks more than others.
    - The screw down crown is nice, but I had a bit of a hard time setting the time. It's difficult to push the crown in without moving the minute hand slightly. So if you're picky like me and try to set perfect time, that can be annoying. Being quartz, though, once you get it you're good to go.

    A couple things about ordering: The watch was backordered (I believe it still is) but it did take even longer than expected - about 4 weeks for me from order to delivery. I wasn't too worried about it, but they did throw in some extra straps for the delay (that's how I got the silicone strap). Seems like they have good CS. Also, it looks like they just increased their prices. This watch was $149 when I ordered, which I think is approaching the most I'd want to pay for it to be honest. I spun the wheel thing and got a $20 discount code, so $129 for me. Looks like it's $179 now, before discounts. Discount codes are easy to get, though, and I think anything under $150 is probably fair, IMO.

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    Re: Picked up a Vaer Watch

    Looks good. Sleek and no nonsense. Enjoy!
    The best things in life are analog.

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    Re: Picked up a Vaer Watch

    The dude representing them at Wind Up was very enjoyable to talk to, and all the watches I handled looked and felt great.

    I dug the smaller sizings, the fairly minimalist aesthetics, and the fact that they machine their own cases in-house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ten-Ten View Post
    Looks good. Sleek and no nonsense. Enjoy!

    Quote Originally Posted by ck2k01 View Post
    I dug the smaller sizings, the fairly minimalist aesthetics, and the fact that they machine their own cases in-house.
    Agreed! And yes, they do seem like nice guys. Just a couple guys run most of the show I think.
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    Re: Picked up a Vaer Watch

    Congrats. I do like the minimal look and white dial. Plus, I enjoyed reading your initial impressions on the Vaer Classic. Enjoy your Vaer Classic.

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