Show your "field watch"
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Thread: Show your "field watch"

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    Show your "field watch"

    I know divers are big favorites here and with me too. But I'm also a big fan of the field watch. So show what you have. Let's keep this within the affordable rules.

    My wingman is 42mm dark blue dial. Sadly I think it is discontinued.

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    Re: Show your "field watch"

    Classic beater
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    Re: Show your "field watch"

    Field watch... singular? Madness...

    Clearly I have a type, and I'm interpreting field watches just about as broadly as posssible. I left out my Casio MTD-1079 and AMW-320. They have elements that straddle the line, but I'd say they are both more diver than field. (Or the AMW is whatever the heck late 80's/early 90's throwback it is)

    Everything else, including Pilots and Fliegers is fair game. The early shots are missing the Orient Flight because I forgot I was wearing it. Oops.

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    Wait, am I missing one?

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    Yep, I'm dumb.

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    Sorry, dude.

    I certainly understand that all of these straddle some lines. None are on the far end of "pure" field watches as they would have been issued by the military, but variety is the spice of life.

    There's a range here for every budget. The Timex is the cheapest (duh) at $34 USD on up to the Alpina and Oris. All were purchased within the forum unofficial limit. Lots of different functions from full on chronos, (Precisionist, ETA 251.262 with a GMT-like jumping hour function, Seiko Solar with Alarm, Ronda 5040.B). The Citizen is a simple Ronda quartz, the Timex is obviously quartz as well. The Citizen's an Eco-Drive with small seconds. Three different automatics (Orient's 48743 w/o hacking or handwinding, ETA 2824-2 standard and modified Sellita SW220.) The Wenger commando has the conventional uniderectional bezel and the Seiko Adventure has an internal compass bezel.

    If anyone is interested, the Citizen on the top right is up for sale. Clearly I need to thin the herd and it gets the least wear out of the group...

    Edit: forgot one thing. This group also includes my size outliers, so this is pretty much the range of sizes I wear. The Timex is 40mm, the Oris and VSA Chrono Classic are 45mm and everything else is in-between.
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    Re: Show your "field watch"

    Field Watch? Check

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    Re: Show your "field watch"

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    Re: Show your "field watch"

    Does this count?

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    Re: Show your "field watch"

    Coincidentally, I just took these photos a few hours ago. I know the Laco LE200 isn't a clear cut field watch, but with the matte steel case and the black bezel I think it's close enough to the Bundeswehr chrono style to qualify for this thread. :)

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    Re: Show your "field watch"

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    Re: Show your "field watch"

    If we include pilot-esque watches, I only have this one.

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    I need a magic watchbox that only reveals itself when my wife isn't looking...

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    Re: Show your "field watch"

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