Small Dressy White dial under 250$

Thread: Small Dressy White dial under 250$

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    Small Dressy White dial under 250$

    Hi, I bought my first watch about a year ago. It was a black dial seiko 5 and I have been wearing it daily since. I have been looking for a dressier alternative but I have really not found any that suit my small wrist and student budget.

    White, cream or silver dial
    Under 250$
    Max thickness 11mm
    Prefer automatic but quartz is ok too

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    Re: Small Dressy White dial under 250$

    New Orient Altair is 1.5mm larger than you're looking for but has an automatic handwinding and hacking movement, and is the right thickness (11.2mm). Maybe try one on your wrist? I don't own one so I can't recommend it personally, but it's WAY under your budget. Listed for $130 at Orient's site, maybe cheaper elsewhere. Heck, you could get two! Name:  RA-AK0506S10A_720x.png
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