Moin from Hamburg,

as Black Friday sales are conquering the Internet right now, we thought, we should make sure the Watchuseek community benefits from our offers as well!

On this year's Black Sale, we discounted our Sternglas timepieces up to 50€! All models of our Sternglas collection are discounted, as well as the exchange straps.
But there is a bonus next to our Black Sale offers: Today, we are also launching two new models, three different Nylon straps and our Sternglas Collector's Box.
With regards to the models, we have launched the Naos Automatik Sunburst blue, for which many have waited, and the Topograph with a red-highlighted tip of the second hand. The red tip enhances readability and differentiation to the hands.

Then, we have our new Nylon exchange straps, which are new to our Sternglas strap family, as we only had leather and metal/milanaise straps in our collection before. Now we also have sporty and resistant Nylon straps in a midnight blue, stone grey and forest green color. Our Nylon straps are made of CORDURA® nylon and vegan lining leather. Perfect for outdoor or the workwear industry.

Last but not least, we recently introduced our Sternglas Collector's Box, made out of high-quality oak veneer and suitable for 8 watches. A glass-window allows you to cast a glance at your collection. And of course, a "Sternglas Zeitmesser" laser engraving on the lid.

What do you think about our new releases? What should we offer next do you think?
The Watchuseek discount code below is also redeemable for the Black Sale.

Enough said. As our Black Sale has already started this morning, me and the Sternglas team are all getting down to packing in our Sternglas office, so all the timepieces will be sent out asap! (As you can see in the photo)

All the best from Hamburg and a happy pre-Christmas time,

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