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    Thumbs up for Invicta 9937

    I bought an Invicta 9937 coin-edge slightly used off the WUS sales for only about $200 a few weeks ago. My other watch is the much more expensive Omega Aqua Terra Co-Axial (more than 10x more expensive) and I initially intended on purchasing the 9937 as a beater -- especially since I was scared of having my Omega stolen again (it was replaced via insurance a few months ago).

    By the way, when my insurance company was looking to replace the Omega, I could have decided to add a little to the pot and gotten myself a new Rolex Submariner. But then I thought about all the lovely watches I could buy if I saved my money and that was that

    I have to admit, I'm wearing the 9937 more often than the Omega Aqua Terra. The watch is indeed lovely and quite a steal at the price I bought it at. The submariner look, regardless of what marketing Rolex has done in the past, is just a fantastic look. Very sophisticated and much more casual than my AT.

    I have very few complaints with the watch, but here are three:

    1) The screwdown crown does not seem to be of the same quality as my Omega and my father's 40 year old Rolex Date. Most of the time, it does screw in smoothly, but I noticed on one or two occasions that there was some slight difficulty screwing it down -- perhaps due to threads that were not machined as precisely as the more expensive timepieces I've looked at. This is not a problem that worries me very much, however.

    2) Just the typical worries of the Invicta warrantees (basically, I have none, especially here in Canada). I can only hope that the solid ETA 2824 movement will continue ticking for years to come.

    3) I'm not a fan of the polished center links in the bracelet. I would have preferred an all brushed finish. However, the bracelet, as is often said, is quite solid and definately a strong point in this watch.

    So for anyone considering the 9937, you have my encouragement.

    If I had purchased a new Rolex Submariner, it would have cost me roughly 25 times what I paid for the 9937. I have handled the Rolex models before and in my current state of mind, I would say that now with the 9937 in my hands, I would not be willing to pay for a Submariner. On the surface, the Submariner's quality is still apparent, but not by orders of magnitude! Under the surface, it's obvious the Rolex is a vastly superior beast.

    But now that I've seen how much watch you can get for so little, I'm not so sure I see a Rolex Submariner/Sea-Dweller in my future.
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    Re: Thumbs up for Invicta 9937

    Very interesting post Theo, thanks for sharing!
    I crave a Sub, SD or GMT myself but it won't be for a while as I can't seem to stop buying other watches that catch my
    "Time is the school in which we learn. Time is the fire in which we burn."

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    Re: Thumbs up for Invicta 9937

    Great observations and comparisons...........fair and balanced Congrats onthe new watch.

    You do know how to brush out the center links if you so chose? If not let us know

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    Re: Thumbs up for Invicta 9937

    Theo - Right on with everything you said

    One of Invicta's best

    I really like the larger date magnifier -

    almost as large as Rolex

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