Chinese watch water resistance
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Thread: Chinese watch water resistance

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    Chinese watch water resistance

    I just wondered if anyone could give me an insight on the water resistance of Chinese Homage watches, especially Parnis/Bliger dive watches. I am fully aware that the guarantee is 30m, which in realty is no more than splash proof, but I just don't understand why. It's incredibly easy to make a watch waterproof to about 200m, have a seal on the crown, and a screw back with a seal, and it's pretty much done. My Bliger divers watch has a screw crown, and a screw back with a seal, so I really can't understand why it has no waterproof rating as such. I recently read a thread on another site (can't remember which one) from a guy who dived for years with his Rolex homage with no WR guarantee, and it had never leaked. That said, I wouldn't want to risk it myself. I am fully aware that having them officially tested and certified would add far to much to the cost, however there are plenty of 200m watches that are not certified, such as Invicta, which are fine in the water.So, can anyone give me an insight, or indeed any experiences of their own ?

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    Re: Chinese watch water resistance

    Bear in mind that "Chinese" is not a brand or a single manufacturer. For every popular homage style there is likely to be several different sizes from several case manufacturers and assembled by dozens of assemblers. This makes valid comparisons difficult.
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    Re: Chinese watch water resistance

    From my experience, it's best to assume most are not very water resistant. I don't take any of mine near water. Ever.
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    Re: Chinese watch water resistance

    Pretty sure it has been called 'living water' , normal everyday washing, rain, etc.
    If in doubt either get checked or remove before hand may be best.

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    Re: Chinese watch water resistance

    no problèm for me with my océan star this summer for me, swimming and snorkrling

    And i fishing a lot of carps with hand underwater around 10/20 cm To catch them in my landing net with my Beijing multieyes, no problem
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    Re: Chinese watch water resistance

    I have both an Alpha diver and a Black Cat with the same case and movement. I have a chamber that I can pressurize to 4ATM and both of these watches survived without taking on any moisture at all. Both are rated to 3ATM. I never worry about things like rain, washing the car or fishing my phone out of the pond.
    I also had a Sea-Gull Dragon King rated to 200 meters. I had it tested to 225 meters and it survived just fine.

    If you are unsure, get the watch pressure tested. Diving with a watch demands that you have it tested at least once every two years or you are taking your life in your hands. This applies to any watch; $50 Chinese or a $20k Swiss model.
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    Re: Chinese watch water resistance

    Generally speaking, you should treat them like 30m watches without exception, unless you have the crown and caseback seals replaced after the purchase.

    I'm not saying that Chinese watches are bad, I've had some Chinese watches in the past and they were good watches. But Chinese manufacturers don't really care about accuracy and water-resistance of their watches. They need to make them cheap and fast in order to survive and to make some profit.
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