More 360s, this time from Guangzhou...
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Thread: More 360s, this time from Guangzhou...

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    More 360s, this time from Guangzhou...

    More news to come over the next while but here's a couple "what I was up to" 360s...

    First, a toast with my friend, Edmond Hui, Vice-President of the Guangzhou Watches and Clocks Association, while meeting with Mme. Fu Ping, the Executive Vice President of Shanghai Watch Factory, at the company's headquarters in Guangzhou...

    ...and a visit to the Lotusman Watches enamel studios... Lotsa photos and more info to come once I get all this organized.

    (And, it might only be me, but it took over a half hour to do with no success on a phone, what I just now accomplished--editing a post--in less than two minutes on a laptop. Is phone editing a post normally that difficult?)
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    Very neat.
    -Are we having fun yet?

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