Seagull 1963. Need some advice.

Thread: Seagull 1963. Need some advice.

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    Seagull 1963. Need some advice.


    I have read through the older forum posts on the Seagull 1963 and decided to add one in my collection.
    I read about finding some sellers on eBay and a few retailers in the USA as well. It would be really helpful if anybody in this forum could share their experience about purchasing one while in China or through Taobao. I have also read about people buying from watchunique.
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    Thanks and cheers.

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    Re: Seagull 1963. Need some advice.

    See my answer previously posted here:
    Regarding other sellers, I would also recommend EOL in AliExpress - Kevin Ke is running the business and the price for the watch you're looking for is this:
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