Best 4 door sports/luxury car?
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Thread: Best 4 door sports/luxury car?

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    Best 4 door sports/luxury car?

    In your opinion what’s the best 4 door luxurious yet also sporty car? Great pickup and handling, yet not giving up to much elegance?

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    Re: Best 4 door sports/luxury car?

    Luxury? Nada.....all other bases covered....

    Had this '06 STI until my insurance doubled when my teenager got a license, so traded it for another winter mobile.....

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    Re: Best 4 door sports/luxury car?

    For me, I’d say the Audi RS3. Compact, sporty and refined. Turbocharged 5 cylinder, with 7 speed dual clutch transmission... 0-60 in 4.1 seconds. Super fun and luxurious behind the wheel... and all wheel drive to boot.

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    Re: Best 4 door sports/luxury car?

    4 door sports car? No such thing.

    Best 4 door sports sedan on a budget? The Mazda 3. Period. Especially the newest version. Entertaining handling. Great economy. Spirited power. It's an all-rounder. And less than $25 000 US.

    Best 4 door sports sedan when working with a reasonablish (i.e. not absurd) price? I think the BMW 3 series sets the conversation. Particularly with the 6 speed manual. With the M3 the top of the heap.

    Higher end? The Aston Martin Rapide deserves a mention. The Porsche Panamera would be up there - if it weren't so ugly. Bentleys and Rolls are all too boring and staid.
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    Re: Best 4 door sports/luxury car?

    Well it depends on what size and/or price range.

    Some that I drove and think are amazing are - Audi RS3 / RS6 / S8 - Mercedes C63 / E63 - BMW M3
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    Re: Best 4 door sports/luxury car?

    Cadillac CTS-V

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    Re: Best 4 door sports/luxury car?

    Panamera turbo

    Even the first generation, 500hp v8 twin turbo 0-60 3.5 seconds, it's gets 26 highway mpg

    Jaguar xfr

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    Re: Best 4 door sports/luxury car?

    Quote Originally Posted by dan360 View Post
    Cadillac CTS-V
    My thought too. Looks like '16s (LT4) can be had in the 50K range. That drive train in a Vette is a lot of fun. I bet the Caddy is a blast.

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    Re: Best 4 door sports/luxury car?

    Depends on your budget, choice of transmission, and driven wheels. But I'll assume automatic and a slight preference for AWD, for a non-purist car enthusiast.

    Very High End (AWD)

    * Mercedes E63 S AMG (sedan or wagon)
    * Porsche Panamera
    * BMW M5 Competition Pack
    * Audi RS6 Avant

    --> I'd pick the AMG - has the best sounding V8, and 2nd best handling, overall the most luxurious package. Comes in a wagon version so you don't have to buy SUV.

    High End (AWD)

    * BMW M3 Competition (wait for the 2020 version with AWD)
    * Mercedes GLC63 S AMG (even though it's an SUV, you need the AWD for that kind of power. Btw, the C63 is an oversteering pig)

    --> I'm very much looking forward to the new M3, but I wouldn't mind the GLC

    Medium Budget and Under

    * Subaru WRX or STI (AWD), new and used
    * Honda Civic Type R (FWD), new and used
    * Chevy SS (RWD), discontinued so only used. This was made in Australia by GM Holden. Very much a future classic.

    Others to consider: BMW340i, Mercedes C43 AMG, Audi RS3 (kind of small), CLA45 AMG (kind of small).
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    Re: Best 4 door sports/luxury car?

    Sometimes one of these parks next to me at work. Sexy car...

    Name:  2017-alfa-romeo-giulia-ti-awd-lusso-review-14-2-640x640.jpg
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    I've seen a 4dr Maserati around town, too. Love the Panamera. But for my budget it would be used, an Audi A3 Wagon, or Volvo V60 Polestar edition...

    Name:  2017-volvo-v60-polestar-review.jpg
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