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    HTC Tytn, Pocket PC & Mobile Phone....

    I was looking for a new mobile phone. And I had a list of wishes.
    1. UMTS
    The first truly globally standardized mobile phone system. And fast enough for comfortably surfing the net. That means it will also work in Japan.
    2. WiFi
    Since I travel a lot, a large part of my phone bill is roaming charges, that can be astronomical. The WiFi function allows me to log in to any unprotected WLan, and browse the Net, read my mail, or use a messenger to communicate.
    3. Quad band GSM
    So that I can use any GSM network anywhere in the world.
    4. Agenda
    Since I always have my phone with me, it's the perfect place to keep all my appointments, contacts etc. Obviously it needs to synchronize with my computer.
    5. Big screen
    My previous phone could surf the web, through GPRS, but the screen was to small to see anything else then sites specially made for very low resolution. If you increase the resolution, but not the size, text gets too small to read (at least for me .
    6. Touch screen
    Not essential, but being an old Palm pilot user, I'm comfortable using a stylus to enter small pieces of text, and for web browsing it works just like a mouse.
    7. Keypad.
    Since I use this device for e-mails, and instant messaging, it's nice to have a real qwerty keypad.

    With this rather long list of wishes I went looking for a 'device'. And it turned out that there are few that have everything I require.
    I picked the HTC Tytn.

    So far I'm satisfied. To be perfectly honest, a 'normal' mobile phone or 'smart phone' is a bit better if you mostly use the phone function, and only need basic Internet and agenda functionality.
    The Tytn is really a PDA with integrated mobile phone. It runs Windows Mobile Edition 5.0, and has Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Outlook and Internet Explorer as standard.
    I had no difficulty setting up my e-mail accounts, and getting the web browser going. The Dutch version of Windows Mobile didn't have 'block recognition', the classic Palm symbol system, but I could download that from the Net, and install that myself. That's one of the nice things of a PDA. You can easily install all kinds of software yourself.
    I've used the WiFi function several times already. Both in Cairo (Egypt), and Chengdu (China) I found free WLan's that I could use to check my mail etc. Probably most big cities have free or paid WLan's that you can log in to.
    The qwerty keypad is controlled by your thumbs, and that works very well. After a few days already, I found that the keypad is quicker then the stylus for anything more then a few words. E-mailing , and text messaging is a dream! If you slide out the keypad, the screen is automatically turns 90 degrees, which makes it ideal for reading text.
    A camera was not on my wish list, but since it has one, I'm happy to report that the 2.0MPixel camera makes really descent pictures.
    You would expect that synchronizing with Windows is easy. And I didn't have much difficulty getting it to work with Windows XP. But a few weeks ago I upgraded to Windows Vista, that has a new synchronization utility, and now it works like a dream! Simply plug it in the USB port, and it synchronizes with Outlook, Media Player, and a few other programs if you wish. At the same time the battery is being recharged, and you can access the Tytn and it's memory card, like an external hard disk.
    I've used the Tytn with MSN Messenger over WiFi, and that works perfectly. Setup is easy, and the keypad and screen make reading and writing your messages very comfortable.
    The Tytn is also one of the few mobile devices that can run Skype (although only with a headset). Most phones and PDA's don't have the audio hardware for it. I haven't tried that yet, but apparently it works.

    Is it perfect?
    No off course not. Windows is still windows, and not perfectly stable. The logging in to an unknown WLan sometimes requires me to restart windows first. But to be honest it could be my limited knowledge causing that. If you're running many different programs, it gets slower and slower. For some reason it never really shuts down a program, but always keeps it in it's memory. You need to shut down programs by selecting "Settings > System > Memory > Active Programs > Select the program you want to stop > Stop". Don't ask my why, but you can't shutdown a program from the program itself.
    Quick dialing a recently used number is AFAIK not possible. Only the last used number.
    The size is just a bit bigger then a 'normal' phone, but that means it doesn't comfortably fit every trouser or jacket pocket.
    Dialing a number means sliding out the keypad, use the stylus, or type on the touchscreen with your fingers. The latter is by far the better solution, but not as nice a the number keypad of a phone.

    I can go on endlessly, but I wont. If you have questions I'll answer them
    If you want a truly worldwide usable multi-function communication device, I think it's hard to beat.

    I'll add a picture I've taken with it.
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    Re: HTC Tytn, Pocket PC & Mobile Phone....

    Hi -

    Very, very cool.

    I am still a Palm user (3 year old Zire 72 with all the blue coating worn off), but did have one of the first generation PDAs with the WinCe system (Philips Nino: I will mail it to anyone who will cover my costs mailing, but it is dead as a doornail and I have no idea why...includes modem attachment!).

    The key here is how fast the CPU is and how much memory you can dedicate to the OS: the memory system of the CE machines allows you to dedicate this. I recently picked up a 4GB (!) SD chip for €29 so that I could put some TV episodes on my Zire without having to delete e-books and the like (I've got around 800 MB of Project Gutenberg texts on it right now, converted to PDF format and using the Adobe Acrobat reader for the Palm: means I can read in bed without annoying the wife. I also have almost my entire life in my BlueBeast (name I gave the Zire when installing, since as that point it was blue...), and I hate to think what I would do if it were stolen...

    When my contract for my mobile comes up for renewal and the opportunity to get a subsidized mobile this summer, this would end up on my short list if they offer it. Thanks for the review!

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    Re: HTC Tytn, Pocket PC & Mobile Phone....

    Ron: That phone looks very similar to the T-Mobile MDA available here in the U.S. I believe my company will start using them very soon.I'm not sure how it compares, but I do know it uses Windows Mobile 5 and has BT and WiFi.

    JohnF: I currently own two Palms, a Palm TX and a T5. Over the years I've owned at least 5 Palms. In my profession (pharmacy), the PDA is part of my brain. With up-to-date drug information (Lexi-Drugs), contacts with BT dialing, WiFi, conversion programs, calculators, calendars, ereaders (Palm, Tealdoc, Tomreraider), file manager (FileZ), password safe, lists ( HanDBase3), NetSync(for WiFi syncs), Planetarium, PocketChess, dictionary (PocketLingo with AHD College edtion), MP3s (PocketTunes), maps (Streetatlas), SMS(for texting), tide programs with sun and moon data for kayaking (Tide Tool), four translations of the Bible (using MyBible software), a veritable library of books including my beloved Diary of Samuel Pepys. Yes I would cry if it were lost. I can't imagine having to do without it anymore.

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    Re: HTC Tytn, Pocket PC & Mobile Phone....

    Thanks Ron, very helpfull! I am considering the purchase of such a phone myself, although I'd prefer a phone that looks more like a phone, rather than a PDA. Not sure if such a phone exists though
    Best regards,

    Ernie Romers
    Founder and former site owner,

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    Re: HTC Tytn, Pocket PC & Mobile Phone....

    That IS a neat device!!

    I myself am a long time Palm user. I am using a Palm TX, which I LOVE!
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    Re: HTC Tytn, Pocket PC & Mobile Phone....

    I am using a Nokia E61. very happy with it, will never go back to a PDA without a keyboard...

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