Rate the last movie you saw!
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Thread: Rate the last movie you saw!

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    Rate the last movie you saw!

    With the Oscar nominations fresh on my mind I figured it'd be fun to talk about our most recent movies and give recommendations. For me:

    Café Society

    Well made movie, amazing soundtrack, lots of cool vintage watches, but didn't really like most of the characters. Would still recommend, though.

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    Re: Rate the last movie you saw!

    Resident Evil: Final Chapter. Mind numbing accelerant assaulting the senses. Fun popcorn movie to kill a bit of time if your a fan.

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    Re: Rate the last movie you saw!

    I watched Sicario recently, thought it was a really good movie, but it could have had a different female actor than Emily Blunt. I would have liked to have seen Jessica Chastain in the role instead. Benecio del Toro was his usual kick ass self.

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    Re: Rate the last movie you saw!

    Sully with Tom Hanks. Got great reviews and high rotten tomato score from critics and audience, but it royally sucked. Super cheesy special effects (the opening scene looks like it was made with 10 year old computers) and they try to make the storyline way too dramatic. The dude landed a plane on a freakin' river, that's exciting enough! Bottom line, skip this one
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    Re: Rate the last movie you saw!

    LaLa Land was a real treat for a guy who enjoys well done musicals. Good story, fine acting, dancing and singing meant the time went all too quickly. I loved the on-ramp dance scene.
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    Re: Rate the last movie you saw!

    Inferno staring Tom Hanks... it wasnt worth watching. It was the da vinci code but not.

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    Re: Rate the last movie you saw!

    Saw the latest Jack Reacher....meh, OK.....it was what you would expect
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    Re: Rate the last movie you saw!

    Split...was great until the end. Too cheesy for me.

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    Re: Rate the last movie you saw!

    Last movie I saw was the Ghostbusters reboot. While it wasn't as bad as all the negative feedback would have you believe, the writing, plot, and cut of the movie all stood out as areas that really needed some significant improvement.

    And before anyone starts with me, I am perfectly fine with an all-female cast; candidly, I wanted to see what they would do and went into it with an open mind and no expectations. But you could've stuck the original cast in this film without any other changes and it still wouldn't have been a very good movie.

    One thing I will say is that they missed badly on was the tone of the jokes. A lot of the humor was directed at things only women would find funny - I know this by talking to the ladies in my social circles who'd seen it - but men would have absolutely no context for and would sit there and obliviously go, "was that supposed to be funny for some reason?" And hey, that's fine, nothing wrong with making a comedy for women....except for one key detail: when you make a Ghostbusters movie...or any sci-fi/action movie for that matter...who is your target audience? I mean, who goes to these kinds of movies? Women? Oh, how I and most every other nerd on the planet wishes this were the case. But no, when you're doing sci-fi and action, your target audience is overwhelmingly young males.

    Granted, the times they are a changin', but ladies still are not big consumers of sci-fi or action films. And it seems to me that the writers & producers overlooked this teeny little detail. I'm not suggesting they should've catered to young males with T&A and fart jokes - although there was one...errr..."fart" joke in there, if you want to get technical - but they would've had a better result if they had tried a more balanced approach. I mean, there was a dance number in there. A. Dance. Number. Granted, it was cut from the release and shown in bits in the credits, but still...a dance number. And one of the running gags was the passive-aggressive response one of the characters had regarding how many wontons she got in her soup. Seriously; that was the big recurring "laugh."

    So at the risk of being called out as a chauvinist, I will say this movie had a lot of potential, and some pretty good production values, but was really hampered by taking a "chick flick" approach to a movie marketed to young men. I salute them for having the stones to try something new, to push the boundaries enough to suggest that sci-fi & action shouldn't be the exclusive playground of the sausage set, but I really wish they had spent more time crafting a movie that would've been fun and entertaining for everyone instead of trying to make a statement about what was possible.

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    Re: Rate the last movie you saw!

    Assassins Creed..... Over 10, I would would give it 3. I practically slept through out

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