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    Gucci Dive Watches

    Hey I can’t find any reviews on Gucci Dive watches online at all. Specifically interested in the 40mm variants but any reviews are welcome. Anyone own one or seen one and have any opinions? Thanks so much in advance.

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    You're probably not going to get much traction on WUS regarding these, as this isn't really a fashion forum. Especially in the Dive forum, most of us are into true dive watches as opposed to fashion pieces in a diver style.

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    Re: Gucci Dive Watches

    Like Diego said, you won't find too much information and Gucci watches on this forum. Gucci watches use Swiss quartz movement, which is accurate and stable but nothing to write home about. Most watch collectors are into mechanical watches instead of quartz watches. That said, there is nothing wrong with Gucci watches, so if you like its style and can afford it, go ahead and buy it.

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