H2O K1/K2/Orca Decisions
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Thread: H2O K1/K2/Orca Decisions

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    H2O K1/K2/Orca Decisions

    This is my first H2O purchase. H2O checks off more boxes for me than some of the other brands, mainly the 24mm lug width, great looking bracelet, and larger dive watches to list a few. I have a few questions about the size of the Kalmar 1 vs Kalmar 2. I like them both, but I am concerned about the LOA of the K1 at 59mm.

    Did you go back and forth between the K1, K2, and Orca, and what made you choose one over the other? Does the K2 6000 wear like a 42.5mm watch? Is the K1 LOA too intimidating at 59mm?

    I read statements collected from several threads on the K2 that it wears smaller, and as a result, this is making my decision difficult. I typically purchase 2-3 of an item in different sizes, try them on, keep the one that fits the best, then return the others when it comes to big purchases. The K1 and K2 are custom watches, so I cannot do that in this situation. All I can do is read your comments, ask questions, and create models in photoshop. I have attached a photo I made to estimate the size of the K1 and K2 to scale, compared to two watches I own. I am thinking the K2 looks good on my wrist, assuming the accuracy of my scale.

    I measured my wrist at 7.25" (186mm) without any slack in the measuring tape. I will say I am 7.25" to 7.5". The length overall of the Kalmar 1 seems long at 59mm. That will pretty much cover the entire top of my wrist, with about 3mm to spare. I do like the K1 bezel width of 45mm (50.27mm including the crown).

    I like the K1 for its case back, bezel options, and 45mm width. I like the K2 6000 because it is not 59mm LOA, but it has fewer bezel options, and it may wear smaller according to the comments below. I have ruled out the Orca for now because it cannot change bezels. I like the 24mm bracelet option and lug screws, which is why I am steering towards H2O instead of other brands. The H2O community is great too!

    Here are some of the comments below, causing me to go back and forth between the K1 and the K2.

    "K1 is a watch only for people like Schwarzenegger."

    Regarding the K1, "It is the biggest in size / diameter on the paper; but wearing it on my small wrist I do not see big difference with K2 or Orca."

    "I purchased an Orca dive first and absolutely loved it. It fit my 7-1/4" wrist like it was made for it."

    "The Kalmar 2 (3000m) is very well designed, but to me I would like to say no: it does not wear bigger than its 42.5mm diameter; saying that a very nice watch, I love it. Maybe if you select the Kalmar 2 in 6000m version having a bigger/taller bezel it wears a bit bigger (but again less than the Kalmar 1)."

    "I thought the bezel of the Kalmar 2 had some overhang meaning while the case was 42.5mm the width with the bezel is 44mm. I could be wrong of course. H2Os are not oversized per sey but they do have relatively long lug to lug measurements and are on the thick side (again not over the top but thick). To me they present as large watches when compared to most of their contemporaries."

    "You wouldnt be disappointed with the Kalmar 2. I find that it wears very close to the wear the Orca dive case wears (which is 44mm). If you get the 3k version, it'll have a very sleek feel to it. If you choose to go 6k, it'll make it wear a bit larger as itll have a thicker bezel and flat sapphire. Either way, it definitely doesn't wear the way a 42.5mm watch is expected to feel like."

    "I have a 8" wrist and have a Kalmar 2 8000 m, it has a diameter of 44mm and wears rather small for the size because of the short L2L distance, approx. 47mm."

    Thanks for your help.Name:  k1_k2_comparison.jpg
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    Re: H2O K1/K2/Orca Decisions

    I have a 7.25” wrist and owned an Orca in the past. That size was perfect for me, although the watch was fairly thin I wouldn’t have minded if it was a little thicker. Because of this I would recommend you do the K2 which is pretty much the same size as the Orca I believe.
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    Re: H2O K1/K2/Orca Decisions

    Very nice review, well done man :)

    I have several K1, K2, Orca, and a small wrist size (178mm / 7.0 inches) and so far all H2O watches are perfect to me on my wrist in day to day and diving too. The L2L (Lug-2-Lug what you call "loa") size had never been a problem to me; I have no concern with that, and do not take any importance to the L2L. I think it is really subjective, some people like big watch, some small, etc.. generally for Dive watches we have to accept "big watches" I mean with a big L2L. But yes like you the 24mm lugs size and with really solid screws not stupid spring bards is very important to me, again it is personal :)

    H2O Watch are Professional Dive Watches, so when you put your dive suit, bigger is the watch and better is it :)

    Some old posts to compare K1 / K2 / K3:



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    Re: H2O K1/K2/Orca Decisions

    Great post, thank you. I've been debating an H2O for a while and am about ready to pull the trigger... but I also worry about sizing. I'm just over a 7" wrist and leaning towards the K2 3000.
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    Re: H2O K1/K2/Orca Decisions

    honestly, I can't see any decision that'll survive that amount of over-thinking,
    even if simply because your perception varies.

    let's say you come from a small watch in summertime.
    you're used to it's size in short sleeves,
    you get a bigger watch, it's now autumn,
    the increased bulk of the heavier clothes disguises the difference from the previous watch for long enough to getting used to it and,
    next summer that's how you've come to viewing the ideal watch /wrist ratio and your previous watch is now too small.

    my perception changes from too big to too small in the same minute depending on how close and at what angle I look at my watches and,
    from such small difference in measurements as the ones you're considering,
    you can't even tell from pics how shapes and depths will work together to make a watch look bigger or smaller than expected because, again, it'll be in your mind rather than reality.
    for example, your seiko looks much larger to me than either the H2Os.

    choose the watch, if it deserves your respect, forget all that and accept it for what it is.
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    Re: H2O K1/K2/Orca Decisions

    Maybe as owner of H2O I have a subjective opinion, but as I have similar wrist size with 7.1" or 180mm and maybe my 2 cents are worth to read.

    The KALMAR 1 + 2 series and also the ORCA DIVE share a similar case shape from top and side view. The K1 with 59mm is really a huge watch and I woundn´t recommend this as your starting H2O watch as it might be over the top for your wrist size. I wear the K1, but it´s at the end of my comfort level.

    For me most important is the side shape of the watch and not the L2L numbers. Especially the KALMAR 1 + 2 and ORCA dive have very deep lugs and the watch is wrapping perfectly around your wrist. When you put the K2 flat on the table the case back is about 2mm up in the air and away from the table surface. This makes a big difference compared for example to the pilot watch in your first post. The pilot watch will be much more uncomfortable to wear compared to the KALMAR 2 even when they would share the same L2L. Therefore for me most important is the shape of the case and not the L2L.

    Many greetings

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    Re: H2O K1/K2/Orca Decisions

    I went through the exact same dilemma and thought process when picking my 2nd H2O (first was a Hydra) because I like larger watches but the l2l of the K1 seems so extreme. I mean I have many watches that are 50+mm in diameter but still not anywhere near 59mm l2l.

    So after getting a lot of help here (there are pics somewhere Danny T posted of the Orca dive, K1 and K2 all next to each other) I ended up going with an Orca as I thought it was the middle ground. Now I ended up with the dress model but I think it has all the visual presence one would need while still being comfortable.

    My third H2O is the Kalmar chrono. I bring it up because while the case dimensions are unique to the chrono it is the basic same shape as the Orca dive and K1 and K2. And in fact its dimensions are right in the ballpark of the K2 and it wears great and also has plenty of wrist presence.
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    Re: H2O K1/K2/Orca Decisions

    Same dilemma for me last year....lots of studying, asking questions, and talking to Clemens....regarding my 6.75" wrist.

    -- The K1 is just way too long, L2L @59mm

    -- To me, the K2 lugs angle just a bit sharper downwards compared to the Orca Dive, appearing to hug the wrist a hair more than the Orca.

    -- The Orca Dress Case is slightly shorter L2L than the Orca Dive Case...something like 52.5 vs. 53.5mm

    -- I went with a little blind faith and bought a K2 (3000m) and am very happy with the watch....it's a sweet watch.....absolutely maxed out L2L, for me.

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    Re: H2O K1/K2/Orca Decisions

    This is a great thread. Mule I admire your dedication and your questioning, nothing wrong with a little objective as well as subjective analysis. You are definitely the right kind of WUS F74 participant. The watches are way too big for me but I'll be really interested to know what you get and hopefully you will post a few pics when it is on your wrist.
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    Re: H2O K1/K2/Orca Decisions

    Here is a kalmar 2 on a 7 inch wrist. It is comfortable on me.

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