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    Re: H2O Quality Questions

    Another H2O question: Generally, how long does it normally/currently take from order date to built /ready for shipment?

    Just wondering, as there is no way to find out on the website after ordering (and this is my 1st H2O).....as it only indicates "6-8 week delivery".

    Do you guys get pleasantly surprised at 3-4 weeks....or does it go the whole (long) estimated time?

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    Re: H2O Quality Questions

    I've been doing more looking around, found the H2O Orca pic thread and it seems that this windows size issues is a bit more spread.

    I think i will wait until i see one on sale here that has the colour combo and condition I want rather then ordering blind.

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    Re: H2O Quality Questions

    I'd almost bet this issue is nearly universal for '2x' dates using that layout because of the angle they print the dates on the wheel at to show up as horizontal at 4:30 and the geometry of that window

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