Manual Helium Escape Valve
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Thread: Manual Helium Escape Valve

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    Manual Helium Escape Valve

    I have an incoming Deep Blue Master 1000 which has a manual Helium Escape Valve. I've always loved the look of it since I first saw the Oris tt1 diver chronograph (and of course, very useful for me for all the saturation diving I do under my desk... ).
    Any other models that have this option that are not over a 1K $$ range?

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    Re: Manual Helium Escape Valve

    Don’t the Davosa Argonauts come thus equipped?
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    Re: Manual Helium Escape Valve

    Phoibos Ocean Master.
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    Re: Manual Helium Escape Valve

    well, if you're looking for a 10 o'clock placement, it's harder to find,
    but here's another

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    Name:  SP-5005-018-Q_1024x1024.jpg
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