A meeting with the man behind Squale Watches
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Thread: A meeting with the man behind Squale Watches

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    Picture A meeting with the man behind Squale Watches

    Last week I visited SalonQP in London. It was my first time, and I loved it. While being there, I had a meeting with Mr. Jonathan Bordell, managing director of Page and Cooper, Mr. Lennart Buiks, worldwide distributor, and Mr. Andrea Maggi, CEO of Squale Watches.

    From left to right: Mr. Jonathan Bordell, Mr. Andrea Maggi, and yours truly.

    We had a nice talk about Watchuseek and Squale, and some good espresso coffees to go with it. I also got to see the collection, Andrea brought with him:

    But first he told me about the history of the brand, a true story of years back:

    The great Swiss tradition of precision watchmaking, combined with a love of the sea and diving, were the two factors that led C. Von Büren to work exclusively on the construction of professional divers’ watches from the early ‘50s.

    Initially the "Squale" mark appeared on the cases of Swiss watches of various makes, as a sign of fine production and a quality symbol.

    Then, in the '60s, Von Büren started to produce watches that also had the Squale mark on their dials, starting the brand’s institutional and commercial history.

    The first sporting successes, such as the world diving title won in Cuba in '68, were linked to the names of products that had become as legendary as the medium, Master 50 atm. The '70s saw the birth of the first "1000 metre" watch with glass on flexible mounting and snap-on lunette which could be turned in both directions.

    Squale continued to produce for other brands and started to supply the elite corps of a large number of armed forces, including the parachutists of Italy’s Folgore Brigade and the Italian Navy’s Diving Corps.

    All this has made Squale synonymous with quality and the benchmark brand for divers’ watches internationally, a status it has enjoyed for several decades.
    Andrea showed me a family album, in which many pictures from the past were kept. I forgot to take a picture of the album, as I was too much focussed on the watches:

    The Squale above has a similar locking system as the Omega Ploprof has.

    The case back has this pattern to keep the watch in place while diving. Clever thought of.

    The Squale watch collection offers many different models, in different settings of colors, making it a desirable brand for all (desk) divers:

    Lennart Buiks, worldwide distributor for Squale, was wearing this one:

    While Andrea was wearing this one, with diamonds in the bezel:

    You've got to like that of course, it would not be my choice, although I kind of liked the one in the picture below. The black diamonds make a good contrast with the rest of the watch, and in a way matches the brand. I believe it would look good maybe even better on a stingray strap:

    Here's a prototype Andrea showed me:

    And finally:

    The great Swiss tradition of precision watch making, combined with solidity and durability: as tradition demands, the case is made throughout from Swiss 316L steel.

    The components are all Swiss, too: winders, winder sleeves and gaskets. These are essential parts for a watch that has to withstand high pressures and salt water. Watches are painstakingly assembled by master watchmakers, taking the greatest care over the fitting of the gaskets and ensuring that the case is airtight; this then undergoes strict checks, with regard to both resistance to water and timekeeping accuracy. Quality tests are performed on every single watch and not on a sampling basis. Last but not least, the movement’s reliability is certified by the fact that Squale has always been a direct customer of the ETA Factory at Grenchen, guaranteeing that all movements are of prime quality.
    Soon I will be getting a Squale watch to review. Stay tuned for my report. Meanwhile you may want to visit the Squale website at Squale | Produzione di orologi subacquei. Thanks for watching.
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    Best regards,

    Ernie Romers
    Founder and former site owner, Watchuseek.com

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    Re: A meeting with the man behind Squale Watches

    Thanks for the great writeup Ernie.

    It's fantastic to the the Squale brand back in the marketplace.
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    Re: A meeting with the man behind Squale Watches

    Thanks for the post, Ernie it was an absolute pleasure to meet you too.

    I wish my photos where as good as yours!!!

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    Re: A meeting with the man behind Squale Watches

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with Squale watches. I would love to add one of their models to my collection soon.

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    Re: A meeting with the man behind Squale Watches

    Great brand. I've got a squale on my way.

    This one:

    with this dial:

    And two normal white hands: So black pvd and a black rubber strap and a black meshband: [img][/img]
    best regards,


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    Cool Re: A meeting with the man behind Squale Watches

    I have the Squale 1553 myself.

    Here it is on different shoes.

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    Re: A meeting with the man behind Squale Watches

    Nice to see some info on a great brand thanks for sharing.
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    Re: A meeting with the man behind Squale Watches

    Great info you've posted on Squale Ernie.. I must say it kinda reminded me why I fell in love with this brand back in 2010 when I read the Thread "Please educate me on SQUALE' which, to this day is active... I got a chance to buy my 50 Atmos straight from Squale in Milan that year and even received emails and spoke with Andrea.. recently I've been thinking of selling it and was gonna post the FS thread soon but this thread is making me doubt that...

    Here's my beautiful 50atmos...
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    Re: A meeting with the man behind Squale Watches

    Hello Ernie,

    Very nice post!

    I loved the SQUALE 1521 026/A and thinking to buy it...
    But i have a question:
    you said: "...guaranteeing that all movements are of prime quality."
    What do you mean in prime quality? is it Standard grade/Elaborated grade/Top grade/Chronometer grade ???

    Please advice ASAP
    Thank you

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    Re: A meeting with the man behind Squale Watches

    Love...love....love my 101!

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